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Friday, December 25, 2009


From loneliness to bizarre crowds,
From clouds to parched lands
From being a drop in the ocean to the effervescent rainbow vapor in the sky
From the green meadows to burnt pastures
When is it exactly do we transfer from the zenith of glory to dark anonymity and vice-verse?
More important than that. is the purpose of this oscillation that our being delves into
back and forth
back and forth
back and forth
What is the inspiration
What is that creative thrusts
That hypnotically pulls the jeeva to experience the same again and again
From high to low
From low to high
Is that the only way to exert balance?
Is there no constant state of balance?
the answer is a yes and no!
We choose to move move from low to high, misery to elation and vice verse
by simple law of movement of energy from low to high and high to low.
Is there never a break...????
A point of rest
A point of static, where u can feel joy, sorrows, love, hatred, anger, greed, jealously,affection, brutality, trauma, ecstasy all at one point...everything all at once..
The big O
The question is in that highest of the high point of balance the static of ecstasy
One may never be able to experience the separate threads or strains
Each minute one with it's own singular exotic and exclusive flavour
How does a milder experience be bartered with this richness?
so we choose to experience these finer strains.
but as we oscillate there is always a midpoint.
A moment of choice
A para-second of decisive thought which many term as the voice of the heart
That moment we all can choose perfect stillness over chaos,
love over misery,
joy and bliss over confusion,
Now the next question how do we find that point that para-second??
How do we know when its here?
if you start tuning in to yourself at the time of onset of another wave of ecstasy or misery
There is always a wave of calm that hits us.
Its extremely subtle,
If we recognize and allow it
our wiser self learns to distance itself form all glory, sorrow, love, lust, sadness, and laugh at the superficiality of it
You then can be the experience without being the experiencer
The fine line is that u float into it, with the awareness of it taking place
which enables you to enjoy the exotic field of the strain without succumbing to the emotional and mental draft that follows it.
That's when u learn the true art of witnessing.
that what is generically referred as letting-go.
when u r the experience yet outside the confining limitations of it.
Thereby the lust of the jeeva to experience these strains is satiated without loosing the subtle balance.
and here I rest my case,
the point of balance is a perfect yes and no because
You are moving and yet you are still
You are into the experience and yet a witness
You remain human while being nothing but divine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dream time!

I am stepping out of this building with a friend and right in front of us is a huge tree and there are thousands of owls (white faced) sitting on its branches, and I joke "this must be a very wise tree"!

I am carrying two ducks who a flapping their wings and trying to run away , there is a baby duck too, they don't look like ordinary ducks, they have shiny red /green and blue feathers, I am requesting my brother to help me carry them somewhere.

There is a bright star in the sky it looks like a tetrahedron, I am pointing it out to someone and saying look I can see the star of David, this means Christ is coming!