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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Divine Mates.

Once upon a time there was a child sadhu and sadhivi who were chosen to live and meditate on the divine together by the elders.
They meditated , cooked, ate, lived and grew up together , the bond between the two was unbreakable.
Sadhvi in time came to be known as Sukanya and young Sadhu Paramjit.
They lived together in their humble cottage in the forest with meager means in total love and devotion to the divine.
They turned 25 and started to think about creating a family.
However destiny had different plans, he left one morning to collect wood and told Sukanya he would be back soon.
While collecting wood he was bitten by a snake and fainted by the riverside, A king who was out hunting in the forested spotted him in time, got him to his palace , the palace healer took care of him and dream the poison out but with one problem. The poison altered his Brain and he could not remember his past.
King had no son of his own , seeing Paramjeets qualities and unmistakably good behavior.
He adopted him, got him married to one of the princess and left the kingdom to him, which he ran successfully for many years and had a few offsprings with the queen.
In the meantime Sukanya waited patiently for him to return, cooking, gathering fruits, taking care of birds, deers and other animals that she formed a bond with over the years.

                                                     (Moon Goddess by Mollie Kellogg.)
Her pain brought her closer to the divine, she slowly grew older, wiser, calmer and more beautiful than one could remember.

She radiated love and wisdom.
One day Paramjeet happened to be in the same forest hunting, he lost his way and went looking for water in his own old cottage, seeing him Sukanya's dam broke, she hugged him and shed many tears of joy, Paramjeet could not recognize her but he felt as if she knew her every bit, he was puzzled.
Sukanya touched his forehead with her finger and gave back his memory.

Paramjeet cried out in pain , he felt immense sadness for all the years lost and all the pain caused by this unintended separation.
They shed tears of joy now that they were together again.
Sukanya recognised the lines of worry appearing on his face he looked helpless.
She understood immediately.
She said she has lived with his love for many years now she does not need his physical body to love him, for her she is always there. While you need to complete your duties and fulfill your obligations,
Paramjeet nodded in agreement and left with pain and love in his heart.
Sukanya lived on for a few more years, with her love, loving silence and beauty.Till time took her back to eternity.

Of loving dreams.

Once there was sadhu who meditated  on the banks of river saraswati. One day he was in meditation, he saw a girl bathing in the river, looking at her perfect golden skin, beautiful shapely breasts, shapely waist and legs he felt that she is the gods image of perfection. she was in such a state of simplicity totally unaware of the beauty, totally in trust that i will not watch her, he thought.
She got out of the river and placed a flower at his feet , she did it everyday after her bath.
The sadhu was spiritually advanced, as soon as he would sit in meditation birds of all kinds flocked around him and sat over his arms and body and by his side.
The girl's friends came by and started talking to her, they addressed her as princess, he thought not only that she has unparalleled beauty and simplicity, being a princes she carries no trace of arrogance in her demeanor.
The ritual carried on for days and sadhu saw his immense attraction for the person turn into love, However, their love was too deep for her beauty as a person and had no ground for physical attraction.
His attraction because of his yogic power and her openness drew them to each other.
Day after day she would sit next to the meditative sadhu after a dip in the river and be lost for hours in the dream world where they met talked and shared their universal love with each other.
It got them so close that she felt like a recluse in her waking life.
Her father, the king got worried, but he was a wise man and he respected sadhu's divinity.
He found a noble prince who wanted to marry her.
When sadhu got to know of this he understood her pain, but told her that she must fulfill her duty first, he cannot be in her dream forever or she would be left alone, so she must get married to the
noble prince.
She understood and followed sadhus advise, he promised to remain a part of her dreams till as long as he should and would not leave her by herself.
The prince felt immense love for her new queen, she did all her duties but when she slept she went in her own dreams and spent time with the sadhu.
He understood everything and felt hurt, he tried creating his own dream scape and tried getting together with other attractive women in his dreams but the Queens sweetness and beauty and
loving gentleness was so good he could not keep himself in his dream and longed to be in her dream.
sadly she was still communing with her sadhu in her dream, so he resorted to watch her as she disappeared into her dreams and showered her with love.
Years passed by, prince's love became so strong that one night sadhu told her its his time to leave and he disappeared from her dream showering her with love, forever.
She woke up to find the prince gazing at her lovingly without questions, without any expectation of return for many years.
She understood everything and felt extremely sad for the prince and fell at his feet.
He already forgave her, knowing of the purity of her heart and embraced her lovingly. The two of them on rediscovering their deep love for each to her, decided to get together in a new dream to live it again.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kingdom of the Kalp Vraksha

The flying gandharvas are narrating this story to young boys in the school, they are restless for more.The Gandharva flying on a turtle narrates the story to the boys about an ancient kingdom in the himalayas.
Somewhere close to Patal Bhuvaneswar now.

There was a prolonged drought, the king was a kind man he tried his best to take care pf his kingdom in those trying times.He opened his treasures to provide food and water to dying people and animals.
However the drought persisted and his treasure became empty, King felt saddened by his inability to keep his subject alive left everything in care of his Prime Minister. He fled to the forest to find solace for his grieving heart.

A few years later when he returned the drought was over there was a mighty river flowing and people were almost worshiping the Prime Minister as their savior and God.

On hearing the news of King's arrival the Mantri went running to welcome him but King was angry.
He thought that his prime minister kept the royal treasures hidden from him and used it to gain his position when he left for the forest as a destitute and a failure.

King in a fit of rage kicked the minister out of his kingdom all this while the minster pleaded to be heard. But king was furious.

The truth was, a few days after King took off to the forest as a recluse, Minister tried his best to feed people from whatever that was left in the royal kitchen and palace.
soon even their clothes were sold off then in his dream the goddess appeared one night ad  asked him to dig out gold from the ground under the mango tree by the dried river banks. Minister did as asked and found enormous heaps of gold beneath the ground. He used the gold to buy food and water for the kingdom from surrounding areas till the drought lasted and as Goddess has predicted a mighty river called Saryu changed its course and started flowing right by the tree.People declared the minster to be the kings successor and held him in high esteem.People worshiped the mango tree as Kalp Vraksh  thereon.
The king presumed him to be a traitor and insulted an honest man, do you think king was wrong in his conduct?asked the Gandharva guru to the boys and the one with the right answer will get the fruit of the Vriksha. saying this he dropped a ripe and sweet yellow fruit towards the boys and flew off on his turtle.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Solaris and Mystica!

Once upon a time in devaloka there was an extremely beautiful courtesan, the talks of her sensational and flawless beauty was all over the kingdom.
Raja Surya Pratap was smitten-ed by Pawan Mudrikas unparalleled beauty.
He was enchanted by her sweet melodious voice , her graceful demeanor, her flawless beauty, her dance transported him into a state of trance.
Soon this appreciation turned into possession, all he thought about was her, he ignored his duties and chased her all around the court like a love struck teenager.
He became a subject of ridicule everywhere.
People stopped taking him seriously, Raja so blinded by the dazzling beauty could think of nothing but her.
Soor the news reached one of the sage who lived and prayed in isolation behind the misty mountain, covered in the layers of clouds. no one would know he is there if he did not move.
He saw all the drama with his cosmic eye and he decided to awaken the King from his slumber.
Through his yog-shakti he transformed himself into an even more gorgeous woman and headed towards the court.
Raja was busy staring at the images of the moon in water, drowned in deep thoughts of pawan mudrikas beauty.
When king glanced at the beauty , at first he thought it was pawanmudrika, his heart skipped a beat, but as the camouflaged yogi reached nearer he was dumbstruck by the absolute perfection of Gods creation in form of a woman.
He stared speechless at this new beauty, taking advantage of the kings state, yogi decided to play the game further and started to walk away from the king.
King as if shaken out of a beautiful dream stopped her (The Yogi) in his tracks.
Yogi/Beauty said I need to go , Its about morning, I exist only in the moonlight when the sun comes out i disappear like mist in the morning.
Raja got highly curious, he inquired her name and whereabouts.
Yogi said I am Vishwa Mohini and I come out in the night to spread beauty of the cool moonlit night and the silence of the forest.
King now totally in trance begged him to stay...
Yogi declined and said my beauty, form and existence is tied to darkness in light I am nothing.
Raja broke down at the thought of VishwaMohini taking off. He collapsed in pain to which Yogi Vishwa Mohini answered...
O King of Kings
O mighty King of seven planets,
you are the provider for all life and beings
How do you not recognize me
I am your soul
I am the most beautiful being you may ever see,
it can only be seen in the depth of your being
It does not exist in the outside where everything is made visible by light
I am your nectar
I am your being of being
I am the par Brahma
Rise oh Mighty king do not follow the form blindly
what is beautiful in experience
may not be so beautiful in existence
what is beautiful in existence
May not be so beautiful in experience!!

saying this Yogi disappeared into the morning mist ...
Raja woke up as if from a strange dream
He glanced around to confirm that it was a dream indeed.
But found yogis rudraksh on the floor.
At once the king understood the purpose of the visit and decided to pay him a visit.
When he reached the misty mountain Yogi Dhyanendra was in his Samadhi.
Raja decided to wait for the yogi to come out of his samadhi and took a stroll around.
there were beautiful and fragrant flowers around.
The morning misty air full of scented flowers filled his lungs.
For the first time in many years of chasing Pawan Mudrika for her beauty he understood the true meaning his life.
He gave searching for beauty and perfection in physical beings and
drowned himself into the eternal bliss filled beauty of the universe and became one with it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Infant-Old couple

Once upon a time there was an old man who lived with his wife in the outskirts of a village.
They old couple had little to eat and survive on, but they were contentedly living in there mud dwelling covered with palm leaves.

The old woman had established an absolute harmony with nature she use to gather fruits and grass from the surrounding forests.Every morning the old man would carry an old brass pot to fill water from a small stream in the forest.

Both husband and wife were attuned to the slowness of life, its simplicity, they absorbed the seasonal winds and the essence of flowering shrubs flowing with it, first drops of rain and the sound of downpour on their thatch roof, the slight chill of winter and warmth of setting sun in their yard.

Brahmin would leave in the morning to gather wood, ask for grains from the generous, and return home with barely enough food for them to survive.
Yet the old man and women had no claims to make from the existence.

One day the old man went into the forest to collect fruits and wood.
He heard a woman giggling with childlike mirth. He followed the sound till he reached a waterfall.Next he heard the goddess asking him for a boon, he thought a lot but he had nothing to ask so he thanked her, goddess was pleased and gave him a pot full of water which was actually the divine nectar.

He thanked her and went back to his wife, He narrated the story to his wife ,she thought old man has been hallucinating,they had nothing to eat that day so they drank that water and slept.

Next day they woke up and realized that water satiated them so much that they did not need any food.Next day again goddess gave him another pot of water, they drank and slept.
Now it became a regular event and he gradually stopped visiting the village and asking for food altogether.
With time they noticed that their old bones are gathering strength that they had in their youth and their hair are turning black again.
old woman was pleased to see her wrinkles disappearing miraculously.Soon both of them had a body of a young man and woman, they continued consuming the water of eternal life and soon became teenagers.
old man was happily following the course, but the woman was getting worried who will take care of then if they became infants, who would take care of them.
she expressed her doubts to her husband, he answered in his simplicity that if we go back to our infant hood we will find our mother and father again.
While the old man continued having that water and going backwards everyday, she was growing anxious.She stopped consuming that water.she pretending to drink it in front of him and then drained it later.

Soon old man became a toddler whereas she remained a pubescent young girl.
And one night old man turned into a year old. He asked her to give her some of that special water, she hesitantly did that and he became an infant.She got scared and stopped giving him anymore of the divine water. Old man in his infant body started wailing when hungry.

She had nowhere to go, nothing to feed him. She prayed to the goddess for mercy.
Soon she divine nectar started flowing from her breast and she fed her husband , soon he turned into a ball of light and disappeared into eternity. She experienced the same person as her husband , friend , and her child.

She cried tears of joy and bathed in ecstasy of experiencing the goddess as herself.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Raja Harish Chandra and the forest of Light

Once there was a mighty King named Raja Harishchandra, who ruled the Ganga region in Northern India.
He was a kind ruler, loved by all.
His kingdom was wealthy; there was plenty to eat for every one. Fields were emerald green and forests were loaded with timber and fruits. River beds and ponds provided for enough fish and rice. No one was hungry and no one was deprived. People lived in wealth and harmony. Raja showered his subjects with precious gems, pearls and gold to celebrate the birth of his sons and daughters.
There was no crime or stealing. People lived and loved.

One night Raja Harishchandra went to bed and he had an extraordinary dream.
he dreamt of a forest that led him to a cave. Inside, he saw a Sadhu in a state of Samadhi. He tried stepping in, but Sadhu, who had his eyes closed and his back towards the king stopped him from entering, with a gesture of his hand. King stopped right there, Sadhu disappeared that instant and a vortex of light opened up, showing him a spiral stair case of light. He started climbing up, encountering several Gandharvas and Gandharvis dancing and singing heavenly music. He felt bliss.
He moved further up till he reached the space where there was pure light. Nothing else but light that generated ecstasy into his being. He became dizzy and drunk with joy and pure pleasure.

Next morning when he woke up, the dream felt so real to him that his reality felt lifeless. All his wealth, abundance, relatives, friends, power, jewels and gold felt worthless to him. All he desired now was to reach that place where he visited in his dream. He left his kingdom in charge of his eldest son and left in search of that ecstasy world. He came across many Gurus and Sadhus who taught him what they knew but they could not take him to the place of his dream.

He walked barefoot, hungry and tired. One night he entered the deep dark forest and he felt thousands of invisible people walking towards the same place along with him. Anyone with a sane mind would have been frightened with the darkness and invisible beings around but Raja was a man engrossed, he walked till he reached the heart of the dark forest. What he saw there astonished him beyond words.

He saw a Buddha sitting under a tree in the center of a clearing and around him was a congregation of thousands of invisible people sitting in a meditative state. Bright light emanating from the Buddha was seeping into them; pure joy and bliss was floating in the air. He stood there hiding and witnessing; bathing in that light and pure love. But with the first ray of the morning it all disappeared in a split second right before his eyes, the communion was over. Raja woke up from the trance like state thinking he must have slept again and had an amazing dream.

Several years passed. Raja looked for the special place throughout the day and the night when he was exhausted beyond all capacity. He had beautiful visions and he recalled them next morning as dreams. He became physically stronger and vibrant, his hair became silvery white, and he started radiating with celestial light yet he believed that he was dreaming about that place.

One night he was walking through the forest looking for that special place of his dreams. He looked at the moon and was struck by its pure silvery and cool blue light. He stared at it in disbelief. Soon he found himself stepping on the old familiar spiral staircase of light, leading into a light chamber inside the moon. Several Masters and Gurus were sitting in a circle emitting brilliant white light, as he stepped in they all looked up and one of them said "Welcome Harishchandra we have been waiting for you". They asked him to turn around and see who is at the bottom of the stair case of light. As he did so, right at the bottom of the staircas, across many worlds he saw himself staring awestruck at the moon, unable to look away.

The masters asked him "Who is that person?" and immediately he pointed out saying "He is Harishchandra".  He asked himself if that person is Harishchandra then "WHO AM I?"
At that very moment he realized he is nothing and he was filled with the same sweet ecstatic light.

He was flooded with unfathomable joy and rapture.

Finally his journey was complete.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


All are one, we are closer than we know in fact we are just thoughts away form each other, not in the sense of travel distance or how we hold beings close to our hearts, we are creations of thoughts from the supreme energy.The supreme being/intelligence bifurcates us form each other to experience the variations.
The degree of separateness depends on the severity or the polarity of the difference that is desired to be experienced.
Now between this interconnected network of beings lies the layers of perceptions. These perceptions are camouflaged beings separating our identities.For example a tool maker makes compartments for different types of tools, however the kit remains his one single tool kit.similarly when we are acting as the tools of his intelligence to preform certain task we are created as precision instruments to perform a specific task what a wrench can do a screw driver cannot .
Because it is not ordained to do the same.All the tools are never thrown in together or it creates a clutter they a sorted into type/categories/utilities.
Coming back to compartmentalizing utility tools/precision instrument, now we as his instruments are sorted, clubbed together so we can be called upon to perform specific tasks whenever required.Till then interaction between similar kinds happens in each compartments more closely as soul families.Sometimes different categories of instruments interact with each other to perform some specific tasks, in such an event a jump happens between soul families and even star groups. In such an event sometimes very close interaction takes place changing the nature of both the instruments.Sometimes tools of different kinds are left together by mistake(though there are no mistakes in the plans of tool maker) but with the supposition of using them again together for such similar tasks.
Now coming back to perceptions, the division or compartments made are of the same material as the tool kit itself, the one that holds all. so in effect the tools are separated and yet contained in the same structure, they are separated by the same material as the one that holds all of it together.
If a tools desires or experiences itself as the same material as the case then it is one with the one that holds all and no further separateness or compartmentalization stays.Through such an event the concept of perception of separateness becomes clear, the separate layer of the same material ie of itself is created solely on the basis of the "perception" of the nature and utility of those instruments.
So once we transcend our perception and understand that we are separated by "oneness itself" then we no longer stay separate from anything.
However this perception of separation is highly useful.These layers of perceptions are like screens of smoke, dense white smoke, which does not allow us to look at other compartments clearly so we learn to stay in our own realm, these walls act as curtains of separation , though in reality there is no separate compartment.It is holding all of it together, mere thought instruments separated by thought perceived wall so what the maker is thinking and creating the creation is perceiving and experiencing.There is no separation, but of these unreal walls they help us to live out our destiny, rather divine ordained tasks.
So its great when a tool reaches out to the creator and questions the very existence of these walls , but mere questioning does not make it comprehend why things are the way they are, but by becoming that oneness and separation at the same time, when you are the tool case as well as the walls separating different compartments while being a tool, our experience begin one and then no questions are required the ultimate answer is revealed through experience alone.
No explanations no answer will suffice, you have to get rid of the way you are use to learning by way of words, by way of questions and answers , true learning happens only through experience, who told you how to breath, talk, walk , see, hear, feel joy, laugh no one it happened through experience.
So allow yourself true learning and become one with all and with the supreme being there is no other way, we have been questioning for many many lives, seeking answers, running to Himalayas, forests, valleys deserts just to learn what, "to be" because we instinctively know that those rivers, mountains, deserts are "being" that, no question plain experience of the divine in their "being"
To being is to BE.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

TIME: stretching, slowing, dissolving, standing still.

My assumption about time being a scalar quantity has been completely demolished.

where associated factors of gravity and space are physically undefinable.
With respect to time, the beauty of it is that it has no effect of gravity on it..(Most units/things/objects on earth) are created as an expression of gravity.
and space, well! while here on earth space is a very abused term outside of this layer space has an extremely beautiful connotation.
Outside and beyond space encompasses everything ,there the concept of 'your space' and mine refuses to take hold..because there it is a sum of all and everything and hence the concept of interconnectedness..
All things
by immortal power
near or far
to each other
hiddenly linked are.
That thou cans't not stir a flower.
without troubling a star

This interconnectedness of everything creates the concept of time..
The ancient sundials were nothing but respective rotation and movement of earth in space in relation to the movement of the was nothing but a comparative analogy of the two linear or rotational movements in endless space.
What an irrelevant and minuscule quantity , compared to the vastness of the existence..
which is endless
and here we are timed with time..
its like tying our lives to the movements of a bacteria under the electron microscope..we have refused to analyze the vastness of our being..
Tied to the time we limit ourselves..
Time when dropped out of its scalar definition becomes and expression of all and everything divine.
All and everything all at once..
To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.