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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Managers of Time and Space

We are born managers, we manage our daily routines, chores, lives, house , budgets, relationships, hardships, disasters, disease, pain, love, and even divinity...thats where 90% of the human population is.

One step below management is mismanagement where abuse of privileges takes place, we dishonor our gifts, our selves, our commitments , our dreams, and we live life as if we are barely alive.That is what 40% of the human life is struggling with.

one step above is over management where our life runs like precision instruments, there is no room left for mistakes, errors, imperfection, beauty, mirth..That about 70% of the humanity now is striving for..

But there is a left over 10% which falls in none of these categories.That is the lot which has dared to/is trying to step "beyond managing life"
That when every moment becomes its own fulfillment, nothing is left to be managed/over managed/mismanaged...because matter like salt starts dissolving in water of pure consciousness.

In that state we work at home office lives relationships...we produce goods, crops, food, services, challenges...we create enough complications and just enough solutions to keep ourselves rooted int o this reality ...but we do not indulging in its creatio,running and destruction..the three pronged trishul..does not collide with the three basic questions of our existence
we no longer are the brahma vishnu or the shiva
or may say we are no longer the father the son and the holy spirit..
not id ego supra-ego
we become the sum of all three..the ONE
we jump from that to the level of fulfillment in the very moment which is the sum of all moments...
we are the totality..we are everything!
the sum of all
ALL THAT THERE IS..we become what we are.
that is the ultimate destiny of all levels of consciousness and all levels of management..
from our planet tho..
the ones who are at the super-level of management migrate to pockets of universe where love is the primary lesson to be learned..

Ones who are managing will be given a move to other elements that would help them to wake up-to super potentials in them...if they refuse, they join the mismanaging lot and start all over again..recreate and help and learn and each other and learn..and recreate/recycle/relearn/rebirth..till they realize that this cycle hold no interest to them and choose to spin out of it..

Finally, the mismanaging lot..there are special sectors created/designed modified/ to create enough test to bring out the purest essence of consciousness. such that they learn to blend and create super consciousness and filter out the debris of their current existence from the purest essence and join the rest .

The lot that is going beyond will be given space to recreate and rebuild a new model of evolution which emerges out of denser vibrations but does not carry the same essence any more it simply let s matter BE..
in that altered state of existence time and space converge and create a transition zones of 4 kinds..
1) between time and space
2)time and no space/space and no time
3)time and no time and
4)space and no space

Out of these 4 state 1 and 2 is achieved by almost all of them in this category
some have reached 3 but to reach the 4 state one needs help from those who are beyond the time and space (TS form now on)..
The one's beyond TS guide us and take us to the 5th level of none of these categories..

Before I proceed I must explain about these 4 states-

1)Time and Space- experienced from outside and inside at both levels and sometimes this state the Jiva vibrates faster and generates energy like a dynamo because those pockets of beyond-ness act like enriched uranium for him..
In this state jiva has powers to exercise his will to create chances/opportunities/positive vibrations/healing, joy in his surrounding because he is pulling out the non matter or the Grey and acting as a filter..and cleaning the environment..

* for some there is a jump between these 4 states..alternatively

2) Times and no space / Space and no time- are equivalent because the two principles are essentially the same as love and light ..the Jiva is migrating between two aspects.
This is a slightly higher state from the first one because now it is not just a glimpse but a capacity to retain itself in either of the pure states..
whether its love or light ..
Jiva gets to experience purity of its existence.At this level he is capable of transforming time lines to rebuild creates choices out of thin air..(literally) and converts them into light/matter/gravity whatever you may want to refer the material as and the vice-versa..
In this case the limitation is that choices cannot be reversed.Once the transformation at will takes place there is no back gear to reconvert your energy from gross to light and back.The space-time line still operates.
In this state the Jiva may alter events, forgo events, or lubricate his own passage between the two.
It is the most self fulfilling state of all 4.
But the choices once solidified cannot be changed and opportunities ones dissolved cannot be regenerated.In short no back gears.You have to experience the outcome in both cases.
Next is the 3 state of Time and no this state space is discarded and time is used as a tool of transition, you create and rewind time at will/choice..time rolling back and forth this state Jiva learns about the layers of time one moves through.
There are 3 stages of time bending/creating/rolling

i) when the time is ascertained as a physical attribute of jiva's is like setting up an alarm that would ring at a in a specified pocket since there is no existence..sound is dimension-less but it needs air to travel so a part of the space is involved in this state.

ii) When the alarm goes off ..time specified that moment space is experienced because sound waves have traveled through air/matter/space and hit the other matter to generate awareness of the event ..That's when time happens..

iii) when the alarm stops buzzing and the experience is over there is no longer nay contact with mater or space again..

In all the sub-states, matter is involved only at the time of "alarm going off" not before not after time is experienced as time only on those moments of contacts.
Not before not after..just at the time of time..not at the time of "no time".

This state is called time and no time state.
Jiva at this states relates to matter as outside of itself , state of material detachment takes place, time does not exist in physical reality for the jiva.
Its not fast not slow.All and everything is motioned/commanded/executed/completed in one moment.
So time is both experienced in that one moment of contact with space but also experienced as non existence of linear time..linear time necessarily involves prolonged and continuous contact with space.

In this 3rd state Jiva sources experiences from different time zones at the same time.It experiences reality with overlap of time zones where many lives/experiences/TS contacts are experienced.It is akin to observing a slide under the microscope.Where millions of moving moments and lives and be seen in one glance.
Jiva now has the capacity to choose blend/intensify/dissolve/regenerate/relive/respond to TS contact in that single moment.

This is an exceptional state and it is not available to all seekers. Only those who have achieved the equivalent experience of Space and no space..that is level 4.

At level 4, time is discarded, space stretches itself out into infinity, jiva moves between these loops of infinity and experiences space over and over again.
It sees space as superimposition of one reality over the other not as different time lines.
Here context of time is minimized, it is similar to experiencing all levels of a building at ones but seeing it as one eye, that is "stretching itself out" through many levels and "as those" the Jiva is allowed to stretch itself through space and become everything .
Sum of all experiences but as the experiencer.
Here there is no time because space is simply operating in different layers and not moving in tandem with time.
This state is considered higher than "time and no time state" because time is not essentially required to experience space at different levels/layers/reality/
It is simply experienced all at once.
Only reference of TS contact happens when Jiva deliberately and physically or consciously moves through layers of space to experience one particular space where TS contact is taking place and creating that layer/space.
In that context its a higher state because TS-contact is not needed otherwise to experience this state.Only dimensionally Jiva is stretching himself out to become everything..all levels all layers all realities.
Beyond this is the 5th layer.
Beyond the TS definitions and boundaries.Jiva sees what cannot be experienced with time and space experience.For that physical existence has to be dropped completely and other layers are pierced to experience that.Till the Jiva discards all its layers of existence that knowledge/experience is impossible..
That's all for today!

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