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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Indian Monsoons

Those slow days are here again,
All green with showering cool rain
squirrels chirp and crows crow
sun filters through the neem leaves
sometimes I hear a koyal cooing and a peacock in the distance
spider lillies spray the fragrance of  village ponds
lined by smooth slippery earth and water hyacinths.
stray dogs jostle for affection during my post dinner walks.
I feel such exuberance in my being
all things stay still and move at the same time
oh! the slow juiciness of it
the joy of morning sounds
insects crawling on bark of trees
dark sweet fruits on jamuns and curry leaves
mint chutneys and mango shorbet
Indian monsoons at their best
the twilight zone of the seasons
A time of transition and transformation
I am falling in love with the existence all over again.

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