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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Death of Dreamer-Scooper

Western Africa, Earth 1000 A.D.
A young baby is being nursed by her Mother. The Mother is wearing green clothes. She is singing a lullaby that is so enchanting to the baby. The baby is mesmerized by the sound and the melody. The Mother seemed to be filling up the baby with her milk and the lullaby. The lullaby and the milk trigger a very happy, coma like state in baby as she is dozing off to the sleep.
In her sleep, the baby sees and remembers the following life-story.

Outer post of Jupiter-Asteroid Belt, 65 Million Earth Years Ago.
“Nice work, Pilot Ten-Twelve-Two. So if I understand correctly, you have flown 12000 missions for the Greater Mars of Tomorrow?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Please don't call me, Sir. Uncle if you want...let it be informal."
"Sorry Sir, course of habit. Also, I wouldn't know what an Uncle is like..I was an orphan."
"That I know. Why did you decide to be a pilot?"
"I was very young. I wanted to get out of house. I wanted to be somebody. I saw the announcement that they were looking young pilot trainees to run cargo ships for the Greater Mars of Tomorrow. So I joined their air-force."
"Indeed. Were you aware at that time that the civil war would last many centuries? Did you know that you were going to haul dead bodies from one end of solar system to the other and bringing cargo from Earth back to Mars to build the rail-guns?"
"No, Sir, um, Uncle-Sir. I did not know anything about the war. I did not know anything about the dead bodies or the weapons. I did what I was told. I was too young to care. All I wanted to do was fly ships, be cool, and impress girls."
"Ok, I understand."

The two, Elder Bospa and Pilot Ten-Twelve-Two were alone on the Elder's temple/mansion on the asteroid, a safe distance away from Mars. The Martian civil war had lasted 18000 of Mars years and had finally ended. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on one's perspective, some Martians like Pilot Ten-Twelve-Two, lived hundreds of Mars years to live through the war and its end. Generations of Martians were involved in this war as they imbibed their offspring with singular cultural philosophies without actually correctly knowing the origin of the war or the other side's story. No one knew. A few cared to find out and resolve the issue. There were two major warring fractions who were bent on annihilating each other although the Inner Brotherhood of Mars were more peaceful and diplomatic compared to the Greater Mars of Tomorrow. They survived the mutual attacks, signed truces, and then fought with each other again with slightest provocation.

The war had consumed Mars completely and left it barren of life closer to the terrain. The solar system also felt the war's effect in the lower dimensional reality. Earth was mined for its minerals and certain metals that were used to build weapons and their guidance systems. The Greater Mars of Tomorrow roamed the solar system and beyond: they scavenged the exo-planets secret communique between the alien races and the races of the solar system in order gain technological advantage. The Inner Brotherhood of Mars solicited every able bodied woman or a being with womb and bear to spread their seeds in order to revive their race. The two fractions left no planet un-turned that was within their reach. Through their perseverance,  Inner Brotherhood of Mars was successful in creating warp-drive and collapsing dimensions so they could travel light years in seconds. They learned to meditate, concentrate on the space-time causation, and accidentally contacted the Greater Galactic Alliance when seeking end to the war. They asked the advanced being for their  some help, to which the Alliance responded by sending the Elders or Light Beings from Arcturus in order to subdue the war. The Greater Mars of Tomorrow had heard of the new warp-drive technology and eventually acquired the secrets. They built massive machinery and  externalized the inner technology that the Inner Brotherhood of Mars had been perfecting for centuries. The entire vibration of the Mars and planets, which war influenced stayed within the physical tone and dream/astral tone. However the centuries of war had made physical vibration of Mars heavier as millions of dis-incarnate beings roamed the ruins of the great civilizations that war had obliterated.

The bloody and non-bloody battles continued until the Elders of Arcturus arrived in the solar system. They intervened, offered help, and finally diffused the fire of war over the next century. They suggested radical solutions and eventually convinced the Greater Mars of Tomorrow to leave the planet to be reborn a few million years from on Earth. This was the only choice they were given after a humiliating defeat from the Inner Brotherhood of Mars.

"Sir-Uncle. I mean Elder Bospa, may I ask you something in return?"
"By all means, and if you want any of my drink, then answer is no." Bospa smiled with compassionate eyes.
"What will I be called? I have heard from others that you tend to give the incoming pilots new names. And, also why?"
"You will be called, Dreamer-Scooper. The reason is that you will be initiated in a very secret ceremony of high spiritual significance. It is almost like taking a second birth...only a birth into more awakening way of life."
"I don't believe in God, Elder."
"Good. Me neither. But you dream, don't you?"
"Yes, of course."
"That's where you are going to pilot your ship."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that you will tell your superiors on Mars that you are going to fly the cargo ships to Earth and mine raw materials for new buildings and temples. And during your cargo runs, you will phase out into the dream/astral realm and travel to Arcturus to retrieve the dream/astral bodies of the lost souls."
"Why? and How?"
"Why? because you will need to repay the heavy karma of this planet and restore its skewed imbalance. You are indirectly responsible for the thousands of innocent souls that were stranded or were interrupted by the war in their journey to Earth. And don't worry about how, I will come to you in your dream tonight after you return to Mars and will give you the medallion by which you will travel to Arcturus."
"Let's say if I believe you. Will my body and ship stay in this vibration while I travel in my dream body to Arcturus?"
"Sshhh. That's too many questions. Only time and experience will tell. Hush now. Go back home."
"No no no, wait, I have a lot of questions. Why..."
Bospa was about to snap his finger.
"Ok, one more question. that's it. Then you go back."
"I have one more question [gulp]. Why did you and other Elders of Arcturus send the Greater Mars of Tomorrow to Earth?"
"Because they have been repeating the same mistake over and over again in various parts of the universe and in this galaxy. They will get to play it out once again on Earth in due time but that will be the most learning and useful experience for them. It will blossom into something beautiful for these lost souls. Ok? That's enough. I will see you back tomorrow during the training session. Bye now."
Bospa snapped his finger and opened a portal which engulfed Dream-Scooper as if he was surrounded by cool mist. Next moment, Dreamer-Scooper was back to his high plateau desert home on Mars overlooking buried ruins of weapons and buildings. His home provided an excellent gateway to the outer space as it was positioned in the upper atmosphere by a very very strong, very very long, and very very flexible balloon-like scaffolding that swayed in the gentle Martian breeze at night. The scaffolding provided a perfect base for his glass-house along with docks for his small fleet of ships.
As a result of a series of subatomic explosions during the war, the Martian air had begun to get thinner and sparser. The Martian bodies had adopted but now were facing eminent danger of extinction as the planet no longer supported any new genetic mutations or adaptations. The upper stratosphere of Mars somehow contained a perfect combination of air and moisture needed to sustain life.

That night Dreamer-Scooper dreamed that Elder Bospa was on a swing that swung back and forth across myriads of starts and galaxies. As the swing came closer to him, he suddenly jumped high up in the air and yelled a war-cry which scared Dream-Scooper. 'Very typical dream-symbolism', Dream-Scooper thought. Next moment, Elder Bospa landed next to him, smiled, and started swaying his left hand back and forth as if conducting an orchestra. Dreamer-Scooper remembered that he knew that melody as his favorite childhood song from centuries ago, when Mars was still green and had beautiful trees. Elder Bospa produced a clock-like medallion in his right hand and gently passed it through Dreamer-Scooper's chest and very carefully placed it in the center all the while swaying his left hand in the musical harmony of the tune. He then smiled and whispered, 'Music of our Home Star Arcturus.'

Western Africa, Earth 1000 A.D.
Baby wakes up. Mommy has fallen asleep. Baby cries and wakes up Mommy. Mommy sings the same sweet tune that baby was hearing as Dreamer Scooper. Baby is lulled back to sleep by teh lullaby and dreams the following:

Upper Stratosphere of Mars, 65 Million Earth Years Ago.
Dream-Scooper is wearing his helmet and is positioned in his anti-gravity ship. The pilot dome is made up of glass allowing him 360 degree view. Next to him is Elder Bospa who motions him to start the engine. The engine gently revs up and hums as the contrails of water vapors turn into fine mist from the ship's exhaust pipe. The engine makes melodious sound and falls near silent as Dreamer-Scooper engages the drive train by waving his left hand on the front panel. The ship takes of vertically from Elder's home on the asteroid and moves very quickly towards Jupiter.

"Every planet is a portal. Every star is a portal. When we dream, we pass through their astral bodies and reach a certain plane of existence. Everything is interconnected in the grand heart of the universe which Elders call the Source." Bospa said as the ship silently passed Jupiter and moved toward Mars.
"I have fitted your ship with a replica of the medallion I put in your heart last night in the dream body. The two are intertwined and will never separate. I also rewired and connected one specific neural pathway in your brain that controls the motor skills and eye rotations to your ship. This would mean that...[looking at Dreamer-Scooper directly] you can control your ship with with either your eyes or your hands. Either way, you have to be very careful and take a great care when you fly your ship. Any damage to your ship will damage you."
"Great! So much for dodging stray rail guns, comets and rocks. I rather not fly if I am going to be dead in my maiden flight."
"Don't worry. You also have the unique ability to lower and raise the white light/energy shield that will act as a rubbery/flexible diaphragm against any impacts. You will be able to take on minor explosives as well. At most they will feel like someone is bumping into you. But there is a limit. That limit is your own mind. The stronger your mind, the harder it will be to break your ship." Bospa smiled and leaned back.
"Now try using your mind to fly to your home."
The pilot flew his plane with little difficulty using only his thoughts and mind. But he eventually got a hang of it and landed it safely on the dock outside of his floating home on Mars. He felta natural inclination to this new way of flying.
"Good. Now tomorrow I will teach you how to dock your ship."
"I already know how to dock the ship."
'Huh. Old man thinks I can't dock a ship'-Dreamer Scooper thought.
"Not like this ship, you don't.' Bospa said as if reading his thought. "It is not the same ship as before. Let me show you h-".
"No really, I got this. I know how to do it. Please tell me what I need to do to transcend the current vibration and go into the next one-the dream vibration."
"Nothing really. All you need to do is go to a specific spot away from your planet's magnetic field range. Anywhere outside of the asteroid belt is ok. Then go to the back chamber, fill it with water-gel as we discussed, and push the auto-pilot button which will link up with your medallion in the other realm. After that your physical body will suspend in water-gel as if you are asleep, and you will be consciously connected to and aware of your dream body."
"Can you show me how?"
"That part is very easy and yes, I can show you. However, you must learn to un-dock/ dock properly. It is the most important aspect of your flight to and from your destination."
"What is my destination?"
"The autopilot should take you to Earth. There you will collect the raw diamonds and silver compounds after completing your mission in the astral/dream realm. Watch out for the wild beasts (Dinosaurs). Earth's animal consciousness is still evolving slowly. It will change eventually..."
 Bospa paused. He didn't want disclose too much to Dreamer-Scooper.
" something wonderful. As far as your superiors on Mars is concerned, you will say that you have been going to Earth to collect the raw materials-that's all. Do not disclose any of the other mission details." Bospa finished.
"So what is my mission in the dream realm?"
"Come with me. I will show you."

First, Bospa quietened his mind. He closed his eyes for few minutes and whispered a few Mantrainto Dreamer-Scooper's ears. Next, Bospa and Dreamer-Scooper went into stasis in the water-gel. After being completely surrounded by the warm water-gel, they went into a deep meditative state. Dreamer-Scooper heard clicks as his consciousness shifted to higher vibration. He heard the slow-Humm-Aummm melody playing within the chamber. He had now transcended the physical vibration and entered the dream-like astral realm. 'It is much calmer than my dreams'-he thought.

He felt joy or the hidden Ananda that seeps through everything. His mind became more fluid and supple as he could concentrate on a desire and it would materialize instantaneously.
Like the whispering blue leaves tree that once was common on Mars when he was a child, he heard Bospa's voice whispering and then finally softly humming into his ears: "It is very easy to get lost in the dream realm. As you will want to fulfill your desires-food, sex, others. Be aware of the vibration. We have made sure that you will stay in the higher tones but it is easy to succumb to lower realm-that will be difficult to navigate and come out of. Set your intention on the common good of all life in this universe just as you have been, yes that's good. Now touch your medallion. Feel the joy permeating through it and the rest of the reality that you are now part of. This Ananda is the source, as We understand it. We are the messengers of the Most High. We will not stop our efforts to lift all the souls on this planet, and others in this solar system and beyond. If you ask for help, We will come. Feel the love. Feel the joy. Feel the peace. For Oneness within is the oneness without. All is One. Be One with that love."
Dreamer-Scooper cried silver tears of light as he looked at Bospa's voice transforming into light and then finally into the dream body. His face changed to a younger and more vibrant version of himself. He noticed he was wearing a white helmet and he was in the translucent glass dome of the dream version of his ship. Bospa was quietly sitting next to him. The silence was deafening-it felt so good that Dreamer-Scooper did not want to leave this space.
"You have to be wary of the amount of time you spend here. The time is dilated but is still tied to the physical vibration where your other body is resting. One week spent here is almost a year in the physical realm-so be aware. It is not easy to let go but let go you must. We will help you and remind you if you spend too much time in this realm."

Dreamer-Scooper now touched his medallion and felt the immense joy pouring out of his heart. 'If this is the truth, then why must not all know it? Why waste time and energy in the other dimension? I mean look at these beautiful symphonic harmony of things here. Look at that planet, look at that star, look at all of it just filled with joy and musical enchantment. How wondrous!' He thought.
"Bathe in the all pervading joy and light of the Source-the Most High. After all, it is you as your highest Self. Feel the sacred and always strive for the sacred vibration."

Dreamer-Scooper was filled with ecstasy and was now floating outside of the glass dome.
Bospa conveyed telepathically to Dreamer-Scooper that he must come back inside the glass dome.
"This glass dome is your energy shield. It will protect you from all that is not sacred and all that you bring with you from the other realm. Ideally, you should sit in the meditation before the water-gel fills up the chamber but if you can't then this shield will ensure that only you pass into this vibration and the dis-incarnate beings, lost beings, impressions, lower vibrations are all filtered out. You must learn to raise, control, and lower the shield as necessary."
 Dreamer-Scooper did not pay attention. His attention was fixed on the point of light in front of him. He thought about going there. He felt someone else had thought it up and that he was simply an observer.
"Yes, let's go then. Focus your intention on that point of light."
Next moment, Dreamer-Scooper and Bospa entered the point of light and arrived in a big chamber. It was the biggest chamber he had seen.

"That's it. You did it. You are now in the outer astral realm of Arcturus. You shall only be permitted to stay here. You can stay here longer than around your own solar system because the time is more dilated here. The point of light was your sun as it carries the portal to other suns and then finally to our home Star in front of you. We shall allow you to see it this way because it is the best way you will be able to relate to our home Star."

Dreamer-Scooper saw a gigantic pipe of white light and bodies of different souls floating out of it and going into another pipe directly in front of it. The two pipe were identical. 'The pipes are farther apart than they should have been', he thought. In any case, the chamber was filled with peaceful energy and he felt so minuscule. It seemed to infinitely big. His only point of reference were the two big pipes while the rest was blended into infinity.
"Arcturus-our home star is the portal through which every soul in this existence must pass through before incarnating in the relevant bodies on planets, stars, etc and house themselves in various experiences. What you are seeing are the dream bodies of the souls who are passing through in order to be born on Earth. You must help them find their way if they are lost. Your mission is to simply observe quietly and collect the bodies that happen to fall out of that stream". Bospa pointed at the river of light that connected the two big pipes.

"We are within ourselves right now. Aren't we?"
"Yes, that's correct. You have entered your heart and have imploded within at this specific spot. The heart, the all knowing heart, the Most High, the Source is infinite. I am an aspect of you as you are an aspect of mine. The key that holds us together is the love, Ananda and peace that you feel."
Bospa chanted few more mantras in his ears and waved his hand.

Dreamer-Scooper tried to follow but couldn't. He could only float around the outer shell of the river of light between the two giant pipes. He saw the Bospa turn into light ball and then disappear into the center. He then realized that the globe he was in was completely red, burning red and the center was white. The white light in the center seemed to be always present and he knew that one day he will be permitted to enter it. Next, Dreamer-Scooper witnessed himself floating about the river of light looking for something. He found two dream-bodies with closed eyes shooting off from the river into the oblivion. He got hold of the two and simply nudged them back into the river. 'Oh-that's why he called me Dreamer-Scooper!' He thought.

After what felt like an eternity, Dreamer-Scooper experience a jolt of exhilaration which was not common. He knew that it is time to get moment, he woke up in his water-gel filled chamber. He got out and waited for Bospa to come back.

Bospa sipped his drink. It seemed to invigorate him completely.
"You must know that I raised and lowered the shield for you. You were oblivious to it this time but you must learn how to do it yourself. You will be able to travel to Arcturus and back in the dream-realm but on the way back, you must pause, shift your consciousness 90 deg then 45 deg into the docking position of your ship. There must be a complete alignment between your medallion and its counterpart of the ship. Only then you can lower the shield. Once you lower the shield, you will wake up in your physical body. You must learn this technique thoroughly. I can show you how to do this if you like."
"No, I think I can handle it. I am amazed at the white source of light in the center of Arcturus. It feels like it has always been there. I have never felt so attracted towards anything else before."
Bospa kept quiet. He decided not to say anything else to the Dreamer-Scooper.
"I feel the dream mission to be more real than anything else here. Why is that?"
Bospa simply nodded and smiled. His look was, 'you will know in due time.'

Dreamer-Scooper continued with his cargo flights to Earth. Either before or after the flight, he would work on the other mission in the astral realm. Several hundred Mars years passed. He was able to keep his other missions secret from his friends and superiors. His life seemed to have a deeper purpose. Eventually, his dream missions became his only reason to live and he only slept and dreamed on those missions. his body rejuvenated and became more vibrant despite the life-threatening and worsening conditions on Mars. He learned to meditate and feel the subtlety of the vibrations of two realms.

One day on his routine path towards Earth, he fell into a deep sleep. He had learned to dive deeper into his consciousness without the water-gel chamber. Soon, he arrived at the outer perimeter of the center of Arcturus and hovered around as usual. He noticded that the two openings of the white light pipes were broader and wider. A lot more dream bodies were now streaming through than before. He struggled to keep the stray bodies together and back into the river of light.. After he felt the signal to return, he materialized his ship in the astral realm and sat in the glass dome made up of white silver light. He intended to return back to his home on Mars. As a result, he entered the home star, the Sun, and came out as usual and began to head towards the Earth. He looked for his point of return into the physical ship he had left hidden over a mountain (in what would be present day West Africa). The physical counter part of his dream-medallion beckoned an unmistakable and alluring red/blue light which always aligned with his dream-medallion in the center of his chest.

Ecstatic as usual while returning back into the physical vibration, he approached the physical ship against a glorious stars filled background of the universe. From his perspective in the dream-realm it was all within a very short reach and as he descended he felt them materialized into distant stars and planets. Just then, he forgot to align himself before lowering the shield. The shield lowered, the glass dome disappeared, and he felt as if something swooshed passed him quickly. While still in the transition between realms, he sat in the cockpit of the physical ship with fierce resistance.
'Ooops, did I forget the 45 deg. turn? Was I supposed to do that before I sit? Am I doing this right? This is impossible. How can this be right? Oh wow look at that bright star-never seen that before!'.
A swirl of emotions and thoughts rose up within him. In a point of utter confusion, he simply decided to keep sitting.

Next moment, he felt his consciousness shifting towards the physical body. Next moment after that, he felt a tremendous surge of heat and cold entering and leaving his body. His medallion shattered into pieces, his ship collapsed and obliterated, and the contours of the energy rail entered him from behind. He knew that he was shot with a long distance rail gun. The weapon propelled him out of Earth and to the bright shining star until his consciousness exploded into million pieces.

He was assassinated and thus died after completing his last mission to Arcturus.

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