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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Solaris and Mystica!

Once upon a time in devaloka there was an extremely beautiful courtesan, the talks of her sensational and flawless beauty was all over the kingdom.
Raja Surya Pratap was smitten-ed by Pawan Mudrikas unparalleled beauty.
He was enchanted by her sweet melodious voice , her graceful demeanor, her flawless beauty, her dance transported him into a state of trance.
Soon this appreciation turned into possession, all he thought about was her, he ignored his duties and chased her all around the court like a love struck teenager.
He became a subject of ridicule everywhere.
People stopped taking him seriously, Raja so blinded by the dazzling beauty could think of nothing but her.
Soor the news reached one of the sage who lived and prayed in isolation behind the misty mountain, covered in the layers of clouds. no one would know he is there if he did not move.
He saw all the drama with his cosmic eye and he decided to awaken the King from his slumber.
Through his yog-shakti he transformed himself into an even more gorgeous woman and headed towards the court.
Raja was busy staring at the images of the moon in water, drowned in deep thoughts of pawan mudrikas beauty.
When king glanced at the beauty , at first he thought it was pawanmudrika, his heart skipped a beat, but as the camouflaged yogi reached nearer he was dumbstruck by the absolute perfection of Gods creation in form of a woman.
He stared speechless at this new beauty, taking advantage of the kings state, yogi decided to play the game further and started to walk away from the king.
King as if shaken out of a beautiful dream stopped her (The Yogi) in his tracks.
Yogi/Beauty said I need to go , Its about morning, I exist only in the moonlight when the sun comes out i disappear like mist in the morning.
Raja got highly curious, he inquired her name and whereabouts.
Yogi said I am Vishwa Mohini and I come out in the night to spread beauty of the cool moonlit night and the silence of the forest.
King now totally in trance begged him to stay...
Yogi declined and said my beauty, form and existence is tied to darkness in light I am nothing.
Raja broke down at the thought of VishwaMohini taking off. He collapsed in pain to which Yogi Vishwa Mohini answered...
O King of Kings
O mighty King of seven planets,
you are the provider for all life and beings
How do you not recognize me
I am your soul
I am the most beautiful being you may ever see,
it can only be seen in the depth of your being
It does not exist in the outside where everything is made visible by light
I am your nectar
I am your being of being
I am the par Brahma
Rise oh Mighty king do not follow the form blindly
what is beautiful in experience
may not be so beautiful in existence
what is beautiful in existence
May not be so beautiful in experience!!

saying this Yogi disappeared into the morning mist ...
Raja woke up as if from a strange dream
He glanced around to confirm that it was a dream indeed.
But found yogis rudraksh on the floor.
At once the king understood the purpose of the visit and decided to pay him a visit.
When he reached the misty mountain Yogi Dhyanendra was in his Samadhi.
Raja decided to wait for the yogi to come out of his samadhi and took a stroll around.
there were beautiful and fragrant flowers around.
The morning misty air full of scented flowers filled his lungs.
For the first time in many years of chasing Pawan Mudrika for her beauty he understood the true meaning his life.
He gave searching for beauty and perfection in physical beings and
drowned himself into the eternal bliss filled beauty of the universe and became one with it.

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