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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kingdom of the Kalp Vraksha

The flying gandharvas are narrating this story to young boys in the school, they are restless for more.The Gandharva flying on a turtle narrates the story to the boys about an ancient kingdom in the himalayas.
Somewhere close to Patal Bhuvaneswar now.

There was a prolonged drought, the king was a kind man he tried his best to take care pf his kingdom in those trying times.He opened his treasures to provide food and water to dying people and animals.
However the drought persisted and his treasure became empty, King felt saddened by his inability to keep his subject alive left everything in care of his Prime Minister. He fled to the forest to find solace for his grieving heart.

A few years later when he returned the drought was over there was a mighty river flowing and people were almost worshiping the Prime Minister as their savior and God.

On hearing the news of King's arrival the Mantri went running to welcome him but King was angry.
He thought that his prime minister kept the royal treasures hidden from him and used it to gain his position when he left for the forest as a destitute and a failure.

King in a fit of rage kicked the minister out of his kingdom all this while the minster pleaded to be heard. But king was furious.

The truth was, a few days after King took off to the forest as a recluse, Minister tried his best to feed people from whatever that was left in the royal kitchen and palace.
soon even their clothes were sold off then in his dream the goddess appeared one night ad  asked him to dig out gold from the ground under the mango tree by the dried river banks. Minister did as asked and found enormous heaps of gold beneath the ground. He used the gold to buy food and water for the kingdom from surrounding areas till the drought lasted and as Goddess has predicted a mighty river called Saryu changed its course and started flowing right by the tree.People declared the minster to be the kings successor and held him in high esteem.People worshiped the mango tree as Kalp Vraksh  thereon.
The king presumed him to be a traitor and insulted an honest man, do you think king was wrong in his conduct?asked the Gandharva guru to the boys and the one with the right answer will get the fruit of the Vriksha. saying this he dropped a ripe and sweet yellow fruit towards the boys and flew off on his turtle.

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