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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of loving dreams.

Once there was sadhu who meditated  on the banks of river saraswati. One day he was in meditation, he saw a girl bathing in the river, looking at her perfect golden skin, beautiful shapely breasts, shapely waist and legs he felt that she is the gods image of perfection. she was in such a state of simplicity totally unaware of the beauty, totally in trust that i will not watch her, he thought.
She got out of the river and placed a flower at his feet , she did it everyday after her bath.
The sadhu was spiritually advanced, as soon as he would sit in meditation birds of all kinds flocked around him and sat over his arms and body and by his side.
The girl's friends came by and started talking to her, they addressed her as princess, he thought not only that she has unparalleled beauty and simplicity, being a princes she carries no trace of arrogance in her demeanor.
The ritual carried on for days and sadhu saw his immense attraction for the person turn into love, However, their love was too deep for her beauty as a person and had no ground for physical attraction.
His attraction because of his yogic power and her openness drew them to each other.
Day after day she would sit next to the meditative sadhu after a dip in the river and be lost for hours in the dream world where they met talked and shared their universal love with each other.
It got them so close that she felt like a recluse in her waking life.
Her father, the king got worried, but he was a wise man and he respected sadhu's divinity.
He found a noble prince who wanted to marry her.
When sadhu got to know of this he understood her pain, but told her that she must fulfill her duty first, he cannot be in her dream forever or she would be left alone, so she must get married to the
noble prince.
She understood and followed sadhus advise, he promised to remain a part of her dreams till as long as he should and would not leave her by herself.
The prince felt immense love for her new queen, she did all her duties but when she slept she went in her own dreams and spent time with the sadhu.
He understood everything and felt hurt, he tried creating his own dream scape and tried getting together with other attractive women in his dreams but the Queens sweetness and beauty and
loving gentleness was so good he could not keep himself in his dream and longed to be in her dream.
sadly she was still communing with her sadhu in her dream, so he resorted to watch her as she disappeared into her dreams and showered her with love.
Years passed by, prince's love became so strong that one night sadhu told her its his time to leave and he disappeared from her dream showering her with love, forever.
She woke up to find the prince gazing at her lovingly without questions, without any expectation of return for many years.
She understood everything and felt extremely sad for the prince and fell at his feet.
He already forgave her, knowing of the purity of her heart and embraced her lovingly. The two of them on rediscovering their deep love for each to her, decided to get together in a new dream to live it again.

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