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Monday, June 27, 2011

Civilization of the wolves.

On a star system several million light years away from the earth, a planet was bubbling with a unique life form.That Planet was located at 112 degrees west of the star Celeron.

It was inhabited by a large population of wolf-humans. Their race was violent, carnivorous and opportunistic. Surprisingly  their leader was a human adolescent boy who had no arms or armour, all he had was his flute.He played it to keep the violent mobs pacified.

The race of wolfmen was tied to the lower principles. His flute could not keep them enchanted forever, once a violent wolf defied the boy's authority and attacked him. Boy stood up and pointed a finger towards the sky, a bolt of lighting came down and stuck the wolf dead.All the wolves accepted his authority out of fear after the incidence.

Life carried on with this enforced subservience and controlled violence but not for long. A group of powerful wolves could not contain their resentment. They called the other supporters and decided to kill the boy in his sleep.

They killed the boy in a surprise attack, the violence triggered an uncontrolled chain reaction and wolves started killing each other in a state of unabated violence. Soon the last of them was lying on the ground torn and hacked to death.

Nature always has a plan to keep the wheel of life moving. One young mother had more human character than wolf . She displayed compassion and attachment. When the violence erupted she went and hid herself and her newborn in the forest.

For once peace was restored on the planet but not for long. A loner and outcasted male wolf wandered off from the crowd long before the violence. Now the smell of death and blood pulled him back.He claimed power over the helpless mother as his mate. One afternoon he eyed the baby wolf and was about to attack him.

The mother saw the violent look in his eyes. To protect her young she evoked the wolf part of her being and destroyed him with the most savage violence one can imagine. When meek and gentle souls are cornered beyond limits they are capable of tapping into their latent violence and transform it into immense force.

Before the last of the male died he impregnated her. Life continued on the planet but in a gentler form since all descendants carried the seed of the mother.
She was the only one to realize that the adolescent human ruler was not sent to rule them but to trigger their own destruction and pave the path for a gentler and compassionate life on the planet.

Bhagvat Gita mentions this principle of the universe:

yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham.

Where ever and whenever  in the universe the principles of harmony and justice are defied,
the supreme force itself  descends in various forms to restore the balance.

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