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Friday, July 1, 2011

A mountain of struggle.

In the earliest years of human civilization there was a  mountain region with lush green trees and sparkling streams. There was a young man, who had immense physical strength. His body was tough like a rock and his arms could pull out big trees from the ground.

He had no name because he had been by himself ever since he could remember. His only companion was a little blue bird. The bird was very attached to the young man . She sat on his shoulder all day as he wandered through the forest, she chirped in the morning to wake him up and crooned till he slept in the night.

One day the two of them encountered a big steep hill on their way, they had come so far up in the valley it was difficult to go back to the precipitous dark canopy. The young man as usual started using his brute strength to break the rocks that blocked his way but breaking that hill was a very difficult task.It was made of a single piece of hard granite. He injured his hands and elbows in the process, the blue bird was watching this, sitting on his shoulder; she felt his pain.

More he struggled more his arrogance in his physical strength took over. He fought even harder and when the bird tried to stop him he yelled at the bird in his rage. Saddened and hurt, the bird flew off his shoulder to reassess the situation, as soon as she flew higher she realized the task was not about breaking the hill but to take a precarious bend on one of the side ,then it opened into a valley which was hidden to him. She realized what they thought was a dead end was a very sharp hair-pin bend.

The bird flew back to the young man in a hurry to give him this good news. By then he was like a wounded animal, closed to all reasoning and in a state of extreme anger. When she went close to talk to him and tell him about the bend, he vented out his frustration on her, he pulled and nipped at her feathers in anger and dashed her fragile body against the rocks.In spite of being grievously hurt she tried telling him about the bend. He heard her yet he ignored her and fought incessantly with the mountain.

The bird was injured and heartbroken. She flew back to her father in the sky. The father took care of her feathers and healed her heart. He told her "My precious little blue bird, all beings are required to learn their own lessons, sometimes we tend to interfere too much to help them because we cant see them suffer, but this interference can cost us a lot, so watch like a witness, sooner or later he will learn his lesson or its his destiny to die fighting the unbeatable."

The bird understood, with a heavy heart she went and sat on her father's shoulder and watched the young man struggle below the clouds.

After struggling, cutting and bleeding for days, he felt extreme exhaustion. He now figured that climbing this hill may be easier than breaking it. So he pulled up his injured body slowly and painfully. Every step was a test of his strength. The bird watching it from above missed a breath every time he stumbled, yet she sat their and prayed for his success.

Two days later he was on top of the mountain, day was breaking and beautiful honey orange rays of the sun filtered through the valley. He realized how much he had suffered to accomplish something so trivial, all he had to do was to listen to his little bird. But his ego and arrogance in his physical strength made him suffer beyond limits.He was full of repentance at his stupidity. He felt bad about hurting the bird. He felt ashamed that he ruined so many days of his life, suffered immense physical pain and lost his little blue bird in his blindness to conquer this small hill.

Blue bird looked at her heavenly father, he smiled knowingly. It was time for her to go back to the man and be with him again.

'Letting go' is one of the toughest lessons to learn on the earth for some souls.When we cant let go we end up causing immense suffering to ourselves and to others. Little blue bird could not 'let go' because of her love and attachment so she suffered, the young man suffered because he could not 'let go' of his overwhelming ego and self assurance and in turn he made the little bird suffer.

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