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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I await with bated breath.

I have flown over miles of scorching desert , yet I gathered not a grain of sand.
I moved with torrents, rivers and dropped down steep canyons yet I am not drenched
I blossomed with a million magnolias and flowered with fragrant roses, not a thorn scratched me
I welled out as tears through saddened tired eyes, yet I stained no cheeks.
I laughed a million laughs with friends and dears yet it did not stop a beat
I fell, skidded, cut and bruised myself a million times yet I carry no scars
I ate many filling delicious sumptuous meals and I feel full only with his name.

No form,
no shape,
no words,
no fear,
no pain
no deep darkness
no euphoric floating feeling fills the void of the absence of my beloved

I remember him in every breath now, I await my union with him.
like a  baby awaits his mothers warm breast, overflowing with love for him

A love so unconditional,
so fulfilling
so complete
Words lose meaning,
heights lose their thrill,
abyss loses its frightening dark depths,

Where endless darkness defines light,
Where light is the deepest song of darkness

My heart desires for nothing but him
My beloved reveal yourself to me!

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