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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Transcendence of being.

To be in totality, fragmentation of reality is essential, only then the being can generate the capacity to combine the parts of the fragments to create the whole, because the whole exists in all time and spaces.
But this is not true in existential understanding of a being, because of the tendency of the being to BE. Hence we forget because we exist in totality, in a deep rapt meditative state of being human. For a human being to shed its human limitation and be all and everything, he/she needs to wake up from a very deep hypnotic meditative state. Therefore to wake up from that deep hypnotic state of being a human, we develop methods and exercises that are called as meditation  techniques, regressions;anything to help us make  a leap to the state of being beyond human.

Different things work for different individuals, once the right technique clicks one can take the leap.
So the two forms of meditative states at all times for all the beings are:
a) State of being whole.
b) The fragmented being.

In order to jump to the state of being whole we need to break this meditative state of being a human being. To be back from the state of oneness or being whole one needs to break itself into myriad consciousnesses to experience fragmented realities.
Both the states are hypnotic and deeper one is in any state more difficult it is to connect to the other side.

Talking of devices, the process of collecting back fragments of self, being by being , the fragmented reality inadvertently brings a being repeatedly to the state of being Whole. And the being consolidates itself by remembering scattered pieces of its own self.
This act of consolidates brings about the realization that we are Whole and Complete in ourselves.
The hypnotism breaks and the meditation becomes transcendental; when one remains aware of its fragmented experience yet it can jump into the meditative state of being Whole. So the being transcends between the two states.

The dichotomy , the yin and yang, the Shiva and Shakti in that state can both be accessed by the being in a single moment.
The fragments are nothing but fragments of the Whole. Both can be experienced by the meditater, by being in a state of no-state, non-being, neither positive nor negative, neither fragmented nor the Whole,by simply being in the center,where pendulum stops swaying, where both 'aatm' and 'brahmn 'exist together; the creator and the creation being one and the same.

Hence a switch from moment to moment enables one to center himself and he frees himself from either of the two hypnotic , meditative states of either being fragmented or the whole, just the realization of being both.One becomes a witness to both states:

Attachment and non-attachment
Renouncement and consumption
Creator and creation
Of being Love and being loved

That is when one is not brahm not manushya but par-brahmn because he is beyond being brahm.
That s the state of perfection all beings seek.
Through these steps:
1) Realizing you are not just a human by using certain techniques/methods of meditations.
2) When hypnotism breaks the being realizes its the Whole, bliss proceeds
3) Collecting fragmented selves, and the realization deepens that one is the sum of all those fragments.
4) Realization happens that all fragments make the whole which is the being himself.
5) Transcendence  between the two states neither fragmented nor whole.
6) When you can be both at the same time
7) When transcendence becomes a natural state you are both at all times hence you are none.

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