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Saturday, January 22, 2011

8th Horse of the Sun!

A warrior once had a horse so powerful and unique. His name was Ashthawarga, the horse flew with the winds, leaped into the skies and dove back right into the battlefields, when he neighed thunderbolts and lightning struck from the clouds, frightening one and all.
His sweat had the fragrance of etheric flower, his presence unnerved other horses in the stable, so he had to be kept away from the other horses.

Ashtawarga had a ball of fire, like sun in his throat, Which created contact with the heavens whenever he neighed.He understood that he is not from the earth and longed to know where he came from.
One day a wise old man told him that he came from a comet that was about to strike the earth, instead it collided with the sun and created 8 mighty horses like itself, Sun god took 7 of them  with him and left the last one on the earth.

He requested the warrior to help him find his home again, the might Sun, the biggest golden ball of light from which everything  was created.The comet that created Asthawarga and his seven brothers had also descended from the Father-sun.

They took a long and arduous journey , warrior climbed and galloped out of the earth's orbit . On their journey they encountered several demons who tried to create hindrances, that they overcame together. They were also helped by various saintly souls and gods.

Finally they reached the Sun, Asthawarga was ecstatic to meet his brothers. He played with them for some time. After taking blessings from the Sun , they moved forward,  After a while Asthawarga felt extremely thirsty, the sun in his throat had started to weaken.

They landed in a broken planet it had waterfalls gushing out, but the beings of that planet did not allow him and the warrior to have water from that waterfall, They told Asthawarga that he was a part of the comet that struck them eons ago, breaking it into pieces, they asked if he can assemble their planet together again, they will let them have water.

The rider and Ashthawarga took off, he neighed loudly to create a vortex that pulled in all the pieces of the broken planet , floating in the space and brought it together, and finally had a drink of ethereal water.
Rejuvenated, they galloped and a few layers later they saw the mighty sun, the home of Asthawarga.

He leaped and dissolved into the brightest golden light the essence of his being, along with him the warrior escaped from the mundane existence and found the ultimate source of joy.

Sometimes when we choose to help others,unknowingly we end up helping ourselves.

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