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Monday, January 24, 2011

Enchanted coins!

Ardoo and his wife karni were much in love. Ardoo was a fishermen, the entire village talked about their love and adoration for each other. This also was a cause of envy amongst many.
Maithili and Singhali were their neighbors, these two women were highly envious and wanted them to separate.
They started spreading all sorts of rumours about Ardoo going out early in pretext of fishing to cheat on his wife with another boatman's daughter. Karni would hear them but ignore them promptly.
That made these women all the more angry, so they decided to deceive Karni into believing that all those rumours were true.
They followed Karni around and talked about Ardoo cheating on his wife, how every morning they meet by the riverside to get intimate. Karni finally decided to check out whether if its really true.

It was the hour of the dawn, she followed her husband to the river, Maithili hiding close by,dressed as Ardoo pretended to get intimate with Singhali to deceive Karni into believed that rumors about her husband are true.
She was so hurt and broken hearted, she walked through out the day, clothes unkempt, teary eyed. By the hour of the dusk a wise old elephant with a bell found her sitting under a tree, he inquired the reason for her state. She narrated the story to him, elephant saw with his inner sight that her husband has been doing nothing but fishing in the river from morning to evening.He advised her not to believe in such rumours.
She felt better and came back home. But the doubt kept on gnawing at her and bothering her, she became more irritable and snapped and fought with him over everything. Ardoo felt irritated because he could not understand the reason behind her behavior.
One evening Karni was walking down the riverside where she overheard the two jealous women talking about how their conspiracy has failed to separate the two. She understood and regretted her behaviour immensly.
When she reached home she was seethign with anger, she wanted revenge, she felt really hurt.
When Ardoo was asleep she picked up an arrowhead and went out to stab those women. When she reached their homes she found that Maithilis husband was a ill tempered man who neither cared about her or her children and Singhalis husband was drunk all the time , he had no time to fish and bring some food or money home. She felt sorry for them and decided to forgive them, she understood their pain and jealousy.
Karni decided to befriend and help them. Maithili and Singhali were sharing their sorrowful stories sitting by the river bank one afternoon. Karni went with a few coins tied together in an old handkerchief, after hearing their stories she gave them both a coin and told them that these are enchanted coins giving by her grandmother as a wedding gift, they are supposed to bring love between husband and wife.
Soon Mathili and Singhali's marital life started to improve, slowly peace was restored, several years passed.When their husbands passed away and children moved out to create their own homes.
One afternoon the three friends were sitting together, Maithili and Singhali wanted to return those enchanted coins as they did not require them anymore.
Karni laughed and told them, she made up the story about the enchanted coins, they were ordinary coins, their marriages improved because they believed in the power of those coins and had the faith and willingness to make their relationships better. Three friends laughed a resonant laughter inspired by love, trust and amusement over life's irony.

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