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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Errors of Parallex!

Boris was a failed mathematician, who lived in the quiet rural neighborhood of 16th century Connecticut region; he wanted to prove to the world that he is capable of a lot of good. One day in his half asleep half awake state he heard a message, teaching him how to restore vision to the blind.
The message said that he must find a human skull, clean it; clean out the eye sockets by gouging out the eye balls, bandage it with clean gauze and light a candle inside the skull and paste the name of the patient inside that skull.
He decided to try it out first with his friends and relatives, to his surprise the method work, all his ailing old relatives started to regain their vision. The news spread through the word of mouth.
There was however a problem in obtaining so many skulls and keeping the lights on inside those skulls .He resorted to hunting for human skulls in the graveyards near the lake regions, close to the village where he lived.
He soon became a grave hunter in the night and a healer during the day.
In this process  he restored vision of many, but he ended up with a huge collection of skulls in his house, and all of them lit up in the night from inside creating a scary place to live in.
Boris was not affected, for the first time in his life people needed him and they looked up to him.
One day a burglar broke into his villa and found rooms full of skulls with bandaged eyes lit up from inside. Terrified he ran out screaming, alarming the neighborhood.
The secret was out; people speculated he must be a grave stealer, lunatic, witch doctor or worse a mass murderer. Predictably fear ruled and Boris was publicly executed by a fearful and angry mob. They gouged out his eyes, hacked his limbs and left him to die a painful death and torched his house.
As he left his body and looked down to observe what happened to him, he understood his mistake.
Through that message he was told to clean the karma of his patients and cover their eyes with his prayers, put the light of prayer in through his mind in the name of the patients.
He interpreted it too literally, though the symbolism worked, because of the sincerity in his heart to restore the vision of the blind, yet he had to pay for his error.
Most of the times things are exactly as they appear and we should not look for any meaning in it. When earth moves it is an earthquake.  However when we are seeking inspiration from the divine source,the messages have to be decrypted through inner guidance and faith, application of mind sometimes leads to fatal errors.
 *All these images are taken from various sites and have no relation with the story.

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