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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Missing Notes: Part 3- Pure Jealousy

Vasili was a handsome young dude who was coveted as partner by young girls in the town of Manitoba especially the two 17-year-old twin sisters Vanessa and Victoria. The father of the two twins wanted very much that Victoria and Vasili would marry.  He was a skin-doctor and knew that the both had very healthy skins.  For the skin showed the inner essence and even though he loved both his daughters equally his desire was to be grandfather of the progeny of two people with the most beautiful skins in the entire Manitoba.Little did the skin-doctor know that Vasili coveted both the twins-he loved Victoria and lusted after Vanessa, that Victoria often misunderstood Vasili’s feelings toward her sister as love. Vasili was torn in his feelings for the twins for he could not explain to himself why he would love one and not the other, why he would lust one and not the other.  Same bodies, same looks, same beauty and yet the dichotomy of love and lust.  Unless the love that we know and lust that we know turns into a potent and ever present Divine Love, the soul embodying a human being will continue to ascend and descend till it has perfected the knowledge of pure love and truth by experience of the same in the earth plane.  This memory and remembrance of the fallen state of pure and true state of love makes the soul embodying human state immortal again or rather reminding itself of its immortality. Next day Vasili sent a note to the twins to meet him at the church in between his father’s estate and the twins’ father’s estate. An October evening, Vasili arrived amonth the beautiful garbs of reds, oranges, yellows on the trees and the sound of horseshoe on cobble stones around the church which was alive with candles. ‘Ladies, strange as this may sound, I had the most curious dream that you two and I were in a dream having apple juice right by that orchard while both of you put your palms on my chest and sang.Then out of blue, a sharpshooter came out behind the oak tree and took out an arrow and sang the arrow into me. I mean the arrow shot me but it sang. I mean, I can’t explain but the arrow was ringing with sounds and music. I think it was his voice…’7Vanessa and Victoria both exclaimed together, ‘Yes we know! We had the same dream! The cupid drew his arrows and before shooting them at us, he said, ‘you are missing three notes. Here is the final note.’’
 After talking to each other and poking fun at Vasili for an hour, both girls took off. Vasili quietly slipped a note in Vanessa’s pocket which only Victoria noticed.
 As Vanessa changed into her evening gown as Victoria waited for the maids to leave,; she took out the note and read it out loud, ‘meet me here again next week- same time, I will have a surprise for you’. Vanessa, oblivious to the note, gulped down the dinner and went to bed while Victoria decided to pay Vasili visit next week at the afore mentioned time and place.
  Vasili arrived at the church next Sunday morning before the mass, lit up a candle and prayed. He prayed that somehow he could make sense of his lust and love paradigm and that he can let Vanessa know about how much he loved her body and loved her sister’s soul. As Vasili took Victoria to the upstairs attic to talk to her (he could not recognize Victoria and thought she was Vanessa), he touched her for the very first time. Victoria had an incredibly smooth skin and she had gone an extra bit to be more attractive for Vasili.  As Vasili looked in her amber eyes by the church candlelight, a great old venomous desire arose which he could not control. His chest was on fire and he overcame with blind lust.  In doing so and following his innate desire to learn greater lesson, he yet again mated with Victoria, the same soul that once threw a shy glance at him during the setting sun by the riverbank.   Nine months passed…  Victoria gave birth to a blind boy.  A church committee was formed to determine the fate of the mother and the child.  To much of her father’s delightful surprise, the father of the boy (born blind) came forward in front of the ruling committee and admitted that he was the farther of the blind boy and that he wished to ask Victoria’s hand in marriage.   A year later, as the two sisters sat in the same church, Vanessa looked at the nursing Victoria, felt an urge that became overwhelming, and shouted, ‘ I curse you! Both of you!  how can you fornicate him when he wanted me! How can you keep him when he wanted me! I curse both of you that you two will be childless.’    And it so happened that after a year later, the blind child walked over to the fire, fire caught his shirt and he was consumed in fire.  

   Yet again, our emotions and desires get the worst of us, while our immortal selves constantly prod us in the right direction to experience a lifetime to overcome the same desire and emotion.  True freedom is the remembrance through experience. An experience of Truth and Divine Love goes far beyond the lower qualities of jealousy, anguish, and lust.  This is our true essence – it is a Nirguna (quality less)  state of pure being.

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