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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vacation Home for Tired Souls.

Prince Versata was a warrior of the Aritrus race, on their planet beings did not have a form, their inner lights reflected their shapes into a formless form. He rode the Dragoequin which was half dragon and half horse.Versata had a blue, dazzling white and green light form.

They were a mighty race, his people were always on a hunt for the Redistars, they were the real trouble makers, aiming to destroy the race of Arthrus'.They had white and red bands of light and predominantly red inner light.
Two deadly redistar prisoners went missing, and Versata was trusted with the task of getting them back.
Prince took his magical sword, the only sword on their planet, that can overpower Redistar prisoners.
His chase ends in the assembly of the condemned, The White Oldman is presiding over the house, Prince requests identification of his prisoners. The prisoners were sitting in rows facing each other, Prince went ahead for a closer look, all the prisoners let out glass like shards of their light to hide themselves. He saw all colours of light but red, he knew the one in the third row to the right is one of his prisoners, sitting right opposite to him would be the other prisoner, his mirror image.
He knew one would reflect the light of the other, even though they are capable of hiding their own. Prince calmly went on to inspect the other side and stood facing the other prisoner, he reflected his partner's light though he himself was hidden, Prince Versata wielded his sword and it entrapped the prisoner back in the light-nets.
On his way back home it started to light-rain dissolving the light-nets and releasing the two formless prisoners. His father, the King was waiting with his two loyal generals for the prisoners execution at the podium, as millions of dark hooded spectators thumped their spears on the ground to call upon the Prince and his prisoners. By the time he reached there he knew the two crafty Redistar prisoners have dissolved into the two loyal generals, his sword was losing its power. Only his mother queen Emeraldia with green light or his sister Princess Shiloka with silver blue light was capable of restoring its power.

Shiloka rushed to the podium and held the sword till it glowed again, Prince had no choice but to slain the two loyal generals, but crafty Redistars leaped on to the Prince, combining their power and turning him into a powerful Redistar.

Now its Versata's turn to run for his life, it was an endless game of survivor's and slayers.
He rode his Dragoequin, and leaped out of his galaxy. Thrown off by the spinning force, he landed on some powdery cloudy grayish planet, as he stepped on it, the ground sank, and he fell.
It was a free fall for many light years.
When opened his eyes he found himself lying on a patch of grass, crickets and bees humming around, on a perfectly sunny day, honey golden  rays of sun falling on flowers of all colors and fragrance, a tiny stream of clear diamond like water flowing close by. He looked around in utter amazement, and thought to himself.

All those childhood stories about a vacation planet called Earth are really true. A place where beings go for a break from the rigour of endless fight for survival and extinction. Where the essence of a beings is about keeping himself from getting wiped out of existence by the hands of some equally might race of beings.

He smiled at the thought of learning blissfully lighter things like lessons of love, lust, greed, power, jealousy  etc. He smiled and felt grateful for being given the gift of Vacation from the endless and arduous existence of his planet Miranthos. Earth felt like a sweet nurturing gently blowing breeze on his face, he took a long filling, life giving breath and admired th beauty of physical existence.

What a place,what a vacation home, he thought and smiled again and again,till the memory of the other side faded from his physical consciousness.

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