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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Daughter of Basilic

North of Gandak and Kalindi rivers in the Himalayas was an ancient kingdom of mountain warriors.
The king Angom had three wives.

The middle one was certainly not the prettiest or beautiful like the other two. Yet the king loved her the most for her wit, intelligence and her fierce independent spirit.
She gave birth to two sons Yashdhar and Deodhar. The other two queens had little daughters.This made them envious too, they craved for king's attention and wished he would love them even half as much as he loved Sheyana.

Unaware of all these emotions Sheyana was content exploring the universe with aplomb.She loved horseriding, hunting, creating new things every day.

She had immense love for the little girls, she taught them archery, horse riding and many other things. Unlike their pretty and subdued mothers those two little beings,were turning into fierce and passionate beings.

The mothers felt attachment for Sheyana and needed her advice on various matters yet her confidence and self believe twisted their emotions in confusing ways.
One day the youngest queen could not control herself, knowing Sheyana's love for adventure she told her about the dangerous serpent of the placid mountain lake, knowing fully well no one has ever come back alive from the territory of the mighty serpent Basilic.

Sheyana was trapped, she immediately decided to take off to see this beautiful wild creature, blissfully unaware of his might. When the youngest queen confessed to the eldest one, she reprimanded her and proceeded to dissuade Sheyana. But Sheyana took off like a gust of wind from the palace, she rushed to the king and told him that his beloved Queen has headed right into the doors  of death.

Anghom was worried , but he was curious to see how Sheyana would tackle the beast.He sent out his soldiers to protect her but instructed them to not interfere till she needs help. The soldiers and the king watched over her from a distance.

Sheyana summoned the might serpent, a giant fiery green serpent surface and angrily splashed the waters of the placid lake with his tail . Sheyana was mesmerized by the power , energy and beauty of the beast. She stared right into his eyes, two scorching rays of golden yellow light stared back at her. Suddenly her eyes radiated back similar columns of light into the beasts eyes but her light was silvery white.

The two of them jolted with immense force and were thrown unconscious next to each other, watching this, the soldier fell on their knees and bowed to the divinity of the queen.

 In her unconscious state she remembered being the daughter of a snake king living under the water. Even then she was a restless fiery woman, looking for more adventure, longing to see the entire universe. She felt trapped under water in her eternal form as a snake princess, angry and restless she started attacking innocent snake people, broke their eggs and disturbed the peace of the kingdom.

Angry and helpless father Basilic banished her and she spiralled out as queen Sheyana.
Basilic blessed and held his beloved daughter one more time; he gently bit her on her big toe to bring her back to consciousness as Sheyana again, and the mark served as a reminder of who she really was.

She came back to the palace with the king more poised and wiser. She decided to differentiate between exploring her own identity and exploring herself through others. The two queens were relieved to have her back safe and resigned to live a life of little less affection from their husband.

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