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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Power of Creation.

King Kramand was given a boon by the Goddess, he was given the power of creation through his emotions.

When he was happy little puppies came out of his feet, when he was joyous hundreds of colourful birds flew out of his heart, when he felt irritated many bugs and bees buzzed out of his ears.
When he felt anxiety many rhinos and horses rushed out of his forehead. When he went for a battle armies of powerful elephants and horses came out of his arms and surrounded the the enemy's army.

His friend Garudadhwaja from the neighboring kingdom worried over his growing might and decided to dilute his power. He flew to him one day and talked about various rumours spreading about his manhood in the surrounding kingdoms. He told him how people are speculating that King Kramand is a hermaphrodite or an eunuch . How can a man give birth to living beings? He must be a woman dressed a man?

These concocted stories created a flutter in his mind, utterly confused about his gender now, he started to observe expressions of people around him to know if its really true.He observed women to see if he is similar to them. More he observed and thought more the thought took roots in his psyche that he must be losing his manhood and turning into a woman or a eunuch.

Doubts and mistrust tarnish a man's soul.

Karmand lost faith in himself and went and pleaded to the Goddess to take her boon back from him. Immensely saddened by his request and inability to see the truth, Goddess emerged from eternity to put his creative powers to sleep. 

Karmand soon realized his mistake, he started losing his vitality and his hair turned grey, his skin looked pale and his eyes lost the sparkle. He lost his stature as a mighty king and was attacked by the enemy kings who now were more powerful and fearless,they regained their kingdoms from him.
After losing many battles he lost faith in himself, he left for the forest and gave charge of his kingdom to his eldest son.

He walked for several days later he found shelter in a deserted Goddess' temple. He cleaned it up and made it livable again.He prayed for several years to the goddess to return his boon to him, but his prayers were not answered. Later he gave up hope and stop praying for his creative powers and started living a simple life of a sanyasi.

Years of detachment allowed him to let go of all ego associations, whether he was powerful or weak, king or a servant, rich or poor, man or a woman became immaterial to him. He found an immense source of joy pouring out of his heart.

  Unexpectedly, one day Goddess appeared and told him "Kramand ! I never took the boon away from you, It is asleep and not lost, it was never lost, you can never lose your own power of creation. You and awaken it whenever you want". Jolted by the vision and message of the Goddess, he danced around the temple like a mad person".

He evoked his creative power again slowly, but this time because of his serene and calm joyousness, He created fragrant flowers, streams gushing with sweet cool water, colourful vibrant birds chirping melodies songs, green big trees, beautiful meadows and splendid moonlit nights, where he joyously sat and meditated and merged with Goddess experiencing the ultimate ecstasy in his being.

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