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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter eggs

Cecilia was boiling potatoes in the kitchen, helping her mother to lay the supper on the table. Her mother Margaret asked her to go out with a handful of grain to collect the eggs from the garden.

Cecilia went to the garden, sprayed the grains on a  patch of soil, within minutes fresh eggs peaked out of the soil, she took them out, cleaned them,  kept them carefully in a basket and rushed back in. It was a regularity for the children of the house to rush out pour a mug of water over green plants and collect a pint of milk draining off the soil.

They were a family of five, one ailing mother who worked hard from the first ray of the morning till dusk. Two brothers and one little sister Bonita.When their father got killed in the war, Margaret went to the small prayer room in their countryside cottage. She cried her heart out and prayer to the Virgin to help her feed her children. Those were tough times, to have food on the table twice a day was a luxury.
Virgin appeared to her in her dream that night and asked her to have faith.

When Cecilia grew up she got married to a young coach driver from the neighborhood.  A few day after the wedding, one morning he asked Cecilia to get some eggs from the pen. Following the old habit she went out sprayed the grains on the  ground collected eggs and headed back in. Her husband found the spare eggs in the pen that evening and inquired with Cecilia.In her simplicity she told him about the eggs coming out of the ground. He thought she has lost her mind and told her it is not possible. He went out with her and asked her to bring the eggs out of the soil, with doubts in her mind now and skepticism from her husband, she sprayed the grains but nothing emerged from the ground.

A few days later when she went back to visit her mother, she narrated the incidence and told her that everyone else in the village gets their eggs from the hens and milk from cows.Margaret smiled and said "yes you are right, now you no longer need to feed the earth with grains, you have hens and cows to fulfill that need."

Later on she thanked the Virgin for giving them food for all those difficult years.For keeping her children alive and healthy. A silver tear of love and ecstasy rolled down from the image of Mother Mary resting over her mantelpiece that night.

Magic might be about illusion, but faith can create miracles. Whenever we get sick simple believe that God is going to heal us works faster than medicines, it also makes medicines more effective. When we are sick we can fill ourselves with light every time we go to sleep and next morning fevers, infections, pain and aches are all gone. It is as simple as cleaning ourselves off all the dirt, grime and dust by taking a shower. A shower of light from the divine brings us the same cleaning and healing. All we need is faith in the biggest healer of all and a will to get better.

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