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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The French Connection.

Pierre was deeply in love with his vibrant young bride Rosetta, she had the nicest golden skin, curvaceous body, dark lustrous curls, deep honey coloured eyes. They lived in their beach villa, he was one of the wealthy merchants of the Mediterranean.
When other men glanced at her in admiration, his heart burned with jealousy. The very thought of any other man even looking at her, turned him into a state of extreme rage. Their outings shortened to a visit to the lighthouse, then to the beach, finally those visits shrunk to the garden area and then he confined her to the house. Even peeping out of the windows became a luxury. They had two children but none could survive, midwives came to help with the delivery and were sent out hurriedly. Jealously he kept the babies away from her, he would not even allow her to feed the newborns; insecure that she may direct her love towards the babies and he would be ignored.

Confinement made her sick and lonely, she longed to see a sunny day, other people, her own babies.
Suffocating existence was no longer an incentive to live,  so she died early. Pierre was heart broken, yet he did not realize his mistake, he still saw his over-possessiveness as love.He  became sad and distanced himself from everyone else. He confined himself to his villa for many years, there was no contact left with the outside world, he forgot how he lived earlier.

One day he accidentally opened his door to let a stuck pigeon out of the room. Morning sun was filtering through, scent of poppies and lavender wafted through his sunny verandah. He had an epiphany.It filled his being with a renewed sense of awareness. He stepped out and smiled at strangers and felt alive again.
He walked to Rosetta's grave, he sat there and cried.For the first time he understood her pain.

He understood how the cord of life was squeezed and pulled out of her existence by his possessive  nature. He understood her sense of lonely darkness, her helplessness, her feeling of being trapped, giving birth and yet not  being a mother. It dawned on his repenting heart that he killed her with his obsession for her physical body.What he thought was love was just an obsession for the physical form called Rosetta.

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