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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tale of two beings.

Bhringraaj was a poor brahmin who took care of a small vishnu temple by the river Trapti in Kaushalpur.His wife Kalyani died during child birth. He really loved Kalyani, now all he had left was his daughter Pragyakshi. He diverted all her attention and affection towards her. When she turned a year old, Pragyakshi fell sick, he did everything possible to cure her. He ardently prayed to Vishnu Bhagwan day and night, yet his daughter's health deteriorated, he cried in the temple and prayed for her life. One day she passed away. Bringraaj was inconsolable.

He went to the cremation ground and prayed to Mahashiv, sitting by Pragyakshi's funeral pyre.So ardently he prayed that Shiv had to appear before him and ask him for a boon. Bringraaj cried and said I want my daughter Pragyakshi back, Shiv expressed his inability to change the laws of nature. He said once the body is dropped the spirit merges with the supreme then no one can recreate it.Bringraaj wailed that Vishnu did not save his daughter either.Shiv said Vishnu is only following the laws of the universe.

Mahashiv finally gave in and said I would leave Mahadevi with you for some time to help you overcome your grief.Bringraaj went home and found a radiant little girl playing in Pragyakshi's cot.
Bringraaj felt no immediate affection for this girl but took care of her as a duty towards Mahashiv and Devi. She grew into a naughty little girl, she was loved by everyone. She became a source of joy for everyone including Bringraaj himself, her affection healed his heart, in time he came ot love Uma as his own daughter Pragyakshi.

When she turned 20, she appeared in his dream, touched his feet and asked for permission to leave.When he woke up he understood what that dream meant and he got her married to the son of a wealthy merchant, a year later she passed away , Bhringraaj left his body soon after.

When he reached in ether space of supreme presence, he saw his daughter, wife, mother, Uma, all other women and female beings in the universe as one being, the divine Goddess, and he and other male beings were all nothing but infinite forms of Mahashiv.

He understood a great secret that all beings in this world are nothing but many forms of Mahashiv and Mahadevi. The two of them have been creating this divine play and experiencing each other through their many forms since eternity and  till eternity.

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