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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home away from Home!

 Old Lewis was trying his best to cover himself under a pile of firewood, he was missing the comfort of a quilt and fireplace, the snow blizzard has isolated him in this forest cottage, he was trying his best to preserve his body temperature yet his consciousness was slipping away.

He prayed for warmth and more sun, where there is no snow or biting cold, soon he is the lost traveler in Sahara, Abu is without water, riding his camel cruising through the desert to find his bearings again. Sun is mercilessly hot,Abu is losing consciousness and he prays for shade, water and mercy.

He is Aliya now, a Bangladeshi girl working in her paddy field day in, day out. Endless hard work, then comes the lashing rains, Jamuna is swelling and innundating her home, she has lost her husband and son,she is drowning and looking for higher ground away from the river.

Soon she is Zao the monk in Fukuoka, Sakura season is at its peak, cherry blossom scent is intoxicating, he is walking by the mountainside, admire the beauty and perfection, overlooking the valley. Suddenly the earth shudders, massive earthquake unleashes a rockfall, he is trapped and under heavy rocks, his leg broken, he is losing consciousness and praying for something lighter covering his body.

Soon he is Lewis buried under a pile of wood praying for some warmth.

Nature loves all places equally, so she left some beauty in all places. The creator loved all places equally, so he left imprints and reminders of That Home, where temperature is never extreme, its more like a combination of autumn and spring, there are sounds of nature of waterfalls, squirrels, birds, grass swaying with the gently blowing breeze.Everything is silent and in harmony, it is green and beautiful, it has the soundless beauty of animals, birds, water, flowers, insects, fragrance of spring summer rain and winter together, the Garden of Eden.

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