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Monday, February 28, 2011

Village behind the marshes.

Yaheval was walking through the marshes of Klamath, chasing a buffalo. He left his clan people behind, now it was a waste of time waiting for them to catch up, noon was sliding down fast. He hurried, thinking about all the venomous snakes and other wild animals of the marshes that come out in the dark.

The hunt and the day converged together, it was late evening. He had some preserved fish, water, weapons, a bottle of liquor in his leather pouch. He decided to spend the night on a relatively drier rocky outcrop by the marshes.

He created a fire and roasted meat, ate and sent smoke signals to his village to let them know he is safe. Tribesmen saw the signal, understood he is safe and went back home to rest. Later in the night he looked at the bright and clear night sky and felt the crisp air around him. The fire kept the animals away, barring a few desert lizards that came close to get warm. He did not bother them and they left him alone. However there were other entities of the marshes that saw the smoke signals and thought they are being evoked. Those were some powerful primal forces, resting in the marshes for a long time.

They surfaced like vague forms, from the grassy marshes surrounding him from all sides. He asked for the old wise man of the village  for help in his mind. The wise old man saw it all in his dream and went to help his disciple. He covered Yaheval with a thick layer of smoke hiding him form evil forces. But the two of them were heavily outnumbered.Old man fought with all his might till the first ray of the morning.It took the last strand of his energy to keep Yaheval alive.

Next morning he returned to his village with a heavy heart, he knew his wise old man gave away his life saving him.He cremated him and with a grieving heart decided to go out into the marshes and finish his work.
Every night he went  to the same spot looked at the stars and learned everything about their movements, how to understand their bearings, how to interpret stars aligning to indicate solar, lunar eclipses, planetary alignments, destinies, apocalypse etc.

He later married had a son and took the responsibility of the wise old man of the village and trained the next generation. When he left he met his old man in the ether, he was surrounded by brilliant white light, he embraced him warmly and said,"our work here is done, now things are going to change this landscape forever, we need to go to another world and learn something new"

Few years later the marshes dried out, the Indian tribes was replaced  by people from outside and new kind of settlements developed in the region, but the spirit of the marshes, mountains and night sky tells the tale of the brave and wise men who lived and honoured nature as the wisest living being.

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