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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beams of Enlightenment.

In a village of southern France there was a small but very beautiful church. No bigger than a cottage. It was not a popular destination, very few knew about it, or visited it regularly.Nobody in the village knew who built it or how old it was.

It was the most amazing work of art and devotion put together. All the walls and the roof of the church were made of glass. The most exquisite glass paintings of angels, demons, saints and gods. When the light traveled through the coloured glass paintings of the church, different beams of coloured light converged together right in the middle of the room to form the most bright silvery white cross of light.

What nobody knew was, that  at a certain time of the day when beams of light converged in the center of the church, at that  place if one stood with the cross of  light forming at his heart he could be catapulted into a very  high vibrational state of consciousness.

People in the village had neither interest nor inclination to explore the church and its magical beauty.
The church was ignored and abandoned by all.

One late afternoon drunk Omego Versailes sauntered into the precinct of the church. He had lost his wife years ago, after his son abandoned him in his old age, he took to drinking.He had nothing in his heart but pain and deep grievances with God.

He walked into the church, stood at the very spot and abused God with all the anger and spitefulness brewing in his being, when he was done he cried out with the deepest pain buried in his heart. When all the tears were spent a wave of still emptiness engulfed him.

He stood there and saw the beauty of the church around him, the glass paintings, Jesus on the cross, they all looked so alive, so beautiful and they exuded enormous love.For the first time in his life he shed tears of love for the beauty and divinity around him.  It was late afternoon the rays of the sun converged and formed the most radiant silver cross of light on his heart. His heart filled with joyous ecstasy. A state so graceful, so complete, so joyous, so radiant that his body could not handle it. His being exploded out of his worn out frame and floated into infinity.

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