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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Deserving Seeker.

Amete was a bright young boy trying to learn how to embalm bodies so they can be preserved perfectly.
Somehow whenever his trainer let him take charge of the bodies they decomposed rapidly and he would feel embarrassed in front of other trainees. He had a strong desire to get better at his job and so he tried observing and scrutinizing every little detail of the procedure but the end result remained the same.The bodies would decompose and crumble within weeks.

So he decided to take an extreme step. He asked his trainer to embalm and lay a corpse inside a crystal casket so he can observe each and every change that took place in the body after the burial.Everyone warned him not to exercise such extreme measures but he was adamant. He went into the pyramid with the embalmed body lying inside the transparent crystal casket.And he observed day and night, sitting still.

First the bandaged body swelled a little, then a strange pale dusty greenish white fungus appeared all over the body that was wrapped and bandaged tightly. The fungus slowly turned rusted brown in color then dark liquid oozed out which was consumed by the beetles that were carefully left  behind in the casket; they died soon after consuming the liquid.

As the body  dried and tightened the oil and frankincense used to stuff the body  squeezed out slowly through the drying and tightening layers, creating a beautiful glaze all over the body. The body then looked like a perfect sculpture of the deceased.He was mesmerized by the beauty of the process.He dug himself out of the pyramids and promised to create the most beautiful embalmed mummy.
His process was near perfect now, yet some part of the mummies would still dry and disintegrate.He was truely frustrated with the lack of results.

He concluded he had mastered the technical process yet something was amiss, that segregated regular embalmed bodies from those perfect mummies resting in the pyramids.He went and sat on the pyramid and asked for guidance. For weeks no response,no vision no breakthrough happened. Yet he persevered.

One day there was a dusty evening storm; people rushed into the security of their homes. Amete sat there undeterred. After the violent swirling winds moved off the top of the pyramid, absolute silence descended then he heard a distant echo of masters talking and he saw clearly what was amiss.

He saw how the masters of embalming bodies could see the threads of light connecting the bodies to universal force that gets pulled off after death, leaving the body like a dark empty sac. The masters intervene during the last stage of this slow withdrawal of the life forces.When the last strand started pulling off, they would cut the cord of light with energy cuts. This process left a portion of last bit of life force in the corpse.These bodies remained clean, fresh and well-preserved because of the life force left in it. On such bodies embalming worked perfectly.

After the storm ceased and calm air descended, Amete came down and without any loud proclamations and started practicing what he had learned. He left a minor part of the last strand of life force in the dead bodies and preserved them with perfection. He could now recognize the bodies that had lost all life strands and he would politely refuse to embalm them. His knowledge was now complete.

The deserving and true seeker was rewarded with true knowledge in the end.

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