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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Instruments of Destiny

Emma was trying to hide behind the large bouquet of white Liliums,she purposely chose a table on the farthest corner of the banquet hall. It was her cousin Julia's wedding. Julia, the perfect one, she sighed. Julia had a petite, slender frame, prettiest smile, deep brown locks, slender neck and the grace of a ballerina. She was poised and beautiful at all times.'Even if her wedding gown caught fire she would be dousing it like a lady', Emma chuckled. Emma on the other hand was heavy framed, she had nice peachy complexion and wild curls, her father loved her carefree daughter.But young men flocked around Julia while Emma was the trustworthy friend. She was treated like ' one of the boys'.

When Patrick met Emma they instantly became friends, she was very fond of him. Patrick confessed to her one day that he is crazy about her cousin sister as a friend he was hoping she would introduce them. Emma heart broke into smithereens.
Today at their wedding she was hiding her sadness, behind a huge bouquet, embarrassed of her big body. The old cello player was observing her from the corner while he played. He understood her sadness. After the performance he walked up to Emma and introduced his wife Mary to her. Mary was easily the biggest woman in the room, seeing her Emma felt instant relieve. Her sharp humour kept her above such situations.

"Mary is the kindest,  most big hearted, loving woman, and I have loved her from the day I met her", confessed the musician.He added, " When the one who deserves your love finds you, you will know how it is to be loved for what you truely are" and he beamed at Mary.
"It is one one the most fulfilling and nurturing experience one can have, please start enjoying your life and accept yourself the way God has made you, he did it with a lot of love, do not dishonor him, please!" Mary added with a smile.

Emma was transformed after that conversation with old man and his wife. She stopped stuffing herself into numbing legging and suffocating corsets to fit into smaller dresses.She was convinced now that she will find someone who will accept and love her for what she is. She felt a deep sense of peace and freedom.
Seasons changed, months and years passed, her conviction that she would find someone still remained unperturbed.
Now she was turning 34 and was on her way to be an old maiden. She was not bothered, she had been observing people all her life, she could see through their veil of expressions. Her being fat and big made her feel ostracized, but it gave her an opportunity to be out of the group and become a witness to the way others  behaved in public and in private.Her intelligence and wit and her imposed seclusion from the crowd helped her to understand human feelings and emotions perfectly.

Lack of work and family responsibilities, made her pen her thoughts, her friends encouraged her to publish her work. In a few years she became the most read female author in her country.

Admiral Franco Lebou became an ardent fan of her work. He was a lonely widower, her books full of humour, emotions and drama became his support system. After 5 years he gathered courage to write to her. She found his letter very engaging, she admired his humour, wit and intellect. Soon they were friends and when they met love blossomed.

What followed was a union of mind and souls between the two. Two very successful, intelligent witty and independent people got together to enjoy true companionship and acceptance in each other, they celebrated their togetherness for several years.

The body that embarrassed and secluded her once, became the force and instrument behind her skills to understand human nature without being a participant , leading to fulfillment of her destiny.
Our bodies the way they are made by the supreme intelligence can very accurately be described as precision instruments. Our bodies allow us to have or to be deprived of certain experiences so we ultimately can achieve fulfillment of our desired destiny. And destinies are always desired by the souls, good, bad, ugly it is the choice of the being to experience it through a certain lifetime. When we leave our bodies we realize that it was just a dream,just  like we wake up from a dream and it feels as if it was there only for a second, our consciousness feels the same when it sheds physical body. Therefore happiness or grief, they all become immaterial, because it is just a dream when it is over.Gratitude for the way we are made by the supreme intelligence leads to acceptance of our destiny and a deep sense of contentment and joy flows through us as a result.Like everything else our bodies are also the instruments of the divine.

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