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Monday, May 2, 2011

In Search of Truth.

Amar was a poor cobbler, he had no family, no friends. All he did from morning till evening was to mend torn, broken shoes for people. He never felt any dissatisfaction with his work. He lived a life of stillness. No change was desired and no change was ever incorporated.

All he wanted to do was to sit outside the village temple under the old banyan tree and mend shoes. After dusk, he use to eat the leftovers of the offerings at the temple and sleep peacefully under the tree.
He had no communication with the outside world and the rest of the villagers were too busy to pay attention to the silent worker.

The only being he communed with was his old friend and shelter for life, his big banyan tree. He was his friend, family and home.Banyan tree felt immense love for the simple cobbler, he had no demands no desires, no complaints. He was so poor, so alone and yet so peaceful. His mind was not a cacophony, unlike others that rested under the cool shade of its big branches.

One day the Banyan Tree pondered 'the barber with that heavy mirror nailed on my trunk and rickety chair constantly thinks about his neighbor's beautiful wife whom he desired.The cart puller dreams of going to the city and working in the flour mill, earn more money and get his daughter married.All beings regular and occasional passing under my shade are full of such thoughts and desires. Then how is Amar so silent? why he has no desire for money, house, wife or better work or some good food?The tree decided to get to the truth of the matter.

That night Amar laid his tattered sheet on the ground, under the tree and got into a deep slumber. When we have nothing to lose our sleep is usually deep.
As soon as he was asleep his communion with the tree began. Banyan tree filled him with pranic light and bliss and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Then the Banyan tree asked him "Dear Friend for last 50 years I have seen you grow from an abandoned infant, into a struggling adolescent and finally to this middle aged man. I have never found a trace of desire for any kind of fulfillment whether emotional, mental or physical, not even spiritual. How is that possible, it intrigues me! O' friend how are you so still?

To this Amar replied "In this life the concept of ownership is not in my destiny, I did not choose that. Instead I chose to experience the truth".

"Then what is the Truth?" asked the old Banyan Tree.

Amar replied " Truth is that all is as it is, there is nothing more to it, Life is as it is, and all we need to do is just to BE" , he added " Our being experiences the Truth simply by being, No attachments, no relation, no association, no desires are needed to experience it, we are designed to fulfill our destiny to experience the truth, we delay it by confusing ourselves with the external world,we are are born in the state of bliss and when we die we experience bliss, in between only those who don't lose the inner Truth of simply being, are blissful."

"That's the Satya the Truth of life. when we succeed in being blissful at all times, The Shiva descends into our consciousness, Shiva or the Shunya, the zero is the eternal wisdom, the zero the infinity, when that happens we expand ourselves into the entire universe as well as its vast nothingness, and that is the moment when the beauty of the whole arrangement is revealed to us". Hence We call it Satyam, Shivam Sundaram; The Truth that leads us to infinite wisdom of Shiva which makes us take a deep blissful breath and say 'How beautiful Life is'.Therefore, my friend  I am so full, that neither do I desire nor I seek any other kind of fulfillment."

Hearing this eternal truth the Old Banyan tree swayed its branches in ecstasy, all its branches, leaves and roots vibrated with unexplainable joy. He hugged his old friend with immense love and gratitude for reminding him of the Truth again.

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